Valheim: Vegvisir Ultimate Guide (Read Now)

This guide will cover the many vegvisir in Valheim. We will not only take a look at all the different Vegvisir available in the game but also discuss what they are.

valheim vegivisir ultimate guide

The forsaken can be tracked across the map of Valheim thanks to these vegvisirs. Here’s more about them.

Valheim Vegvisir

The location of a forsaken creature will be marked on the player’s map whenever a Vegvisir is interacted with in Valheim. A forsaken boss or a Valheim boss can be spawned at this marker.

Locations that can be marked on the map can include areas that are yet to be explored. Terrain and land where the location lies will not be visible to the player.

And, there will be a symbol on the map indicating exactly where the forsaken can be found. If you are currently in a battle, the map will overlay as soon as you interact with a Vegvisir.

Eikthyr Vegvisir

Vegvisir for Eikthyr is the first you will find. Eikthyr has only one vegvisir. This stone is found at the very beginning of your journey, at the sacrificial stones.

The first thing that you can do in the game after being dropped down by the Valkyrie in this area interacts with Eikthyr’s vegvisir. This will give you information on how to summon Eikthyr.

Vegvisir Eikthyr Location

You do not need to do any special searching to find this one. In fact, Hugin the crow lands right on top of this vegvisir. Then, the player is told about it.

The Elder Vegvisir

You should also look for the Vegvisir for The Elder on your search to destroy the forsaken. As the first vegvisir that the player will need to search for, the player will have to go out and find it.

Vegvisir for The Elder is one of the most difficult missions due to the lack of tutorial surrounding it.

Vegvisir The Elder Location

In the Black Forest biome, you can find the vegvisir for The Elder. It is commonly found in graveyards. Search for skeletons throughout the biome to find them.

These random structures strewn throughout the forest are also a place for Vegvisirs for The Elder.

Bonemass Vegvisir

A vegvisir is also available to Bonemass, the third forsaken. In order to mark the location of its spawn point, it will need to be found.

Somewhere on the map is going to be a swamp with a mass of green slime. In order to find the Vegvisir for this forsaken, the player must journey into the swamp. The swamp is the third of the five biomes in Valheim.

Vegvisir Bonemass Location

As mentioned, players will have to explore the swamp in order to find this one. But, prior to finding the Vegvisir for Bonemass, you must have defeated The Elder. Finding it requires recovering an item dropped by The Elder.

A Swamp Key is dropped by The Elder once he is defeated. A key like this can be used to unlock the gates that lock the sunken crypts that are found scattered throughout the swamp.

Players can explore different areas beneath the surface of these crypts once they enter them. It is possible to find the Vegvisir for Bonemass while exploring these labyrinths under the swamp. Vegvisirs are generally accompanied by chests or Withered Bones.

Moder Vegvisir

Among the harder creatures to find in Valheim is the vegvisir. Fighting the fourth forsaken is extremely challenging. And, her location is so difficult to track down.

As you search for the fourth Vegvisir in the game, you will encounter snowy mountains. Vegvisirs appear similar to each other throughout the game. And, if you find this, you will be able to summon Moder from this point.

Vegvisir Moder Location

In the mountains, you can find this Vegvisir. As with the previous vegvisir, it is found in mountain structures. However, you can only find this vegvisir in certain structures in the mountains biome.

The best way to find Vegvisir for Moder is to go as high as possible and search for stone buildings. In any cabin made from wood on the mountain, Vegvisir will not spawn.

For those who have trouble finding this, the highest mountain they can find is the best place to look. To find these stone buildings, make sure you have warm clothing and get as high as you can.

Yagluth Vegvisir

Valheim’s early access game currently has only one vegvisir left to find. It’s the final boss’s vegvisir. You can find it in the plains.

The marker will also appear on the plains. And, an unique aspect of this vegvisir is that it is not found inside any kind of structure or spawn. It is usually found in the middle of an open field.

Vegvisir Yagluth Location

There’s a hard time finding one like this. And, in the plains, this vegvisir will spawn. Although this spawns without large structures or general areas, it often spawns near interesting rock features.

Final Words

Right now, there are five vegvisirs on the battlefield. Because Valheim is in early access, it hasn’t been fully developed yet. Upon completion of the game, the developers stated that the game would have 9 biomes in total.

That means there will be a total of nine different forsaken. Therefore, there will be nine different vegvisir to find. Vegvisir will be added as soon as possible when this page is updated with the latest version of the game.

This way, if you need to refer to it in the future, you can bookmark it and come back to it later.

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