The Best Valheim Mods (SO FAR) (2022)

On February 2, 2021, Valheim’s early access started. And, its modding community has since then actively improved the game with their own additions.

Also, valheim’s mods are intended to inspire the game’s developers to include them in the final release. Its gameplay consists of controlling a Viking seeking Valhalla in a sandbox, survival experience.

So, the best valheim mods have been developed to help make the game easier and more enjoyable because the game is still a work in progress.

best valheim mods

The following is a guide to Valheim’s mods.

Best Valheim Mods

Back up your save data before you begin these mods just in case something goes wrong. Because, if you decide to use mods, transferring a character from a modded game back to the original version might not be possible.

In that spirit, here are the best Valheim mods.


BetterUI modifies the UI. It modifies the way many aspects of the Valheim UI work in subtle ways. Here you can see how the quality rating of tools and weapons has been replaced with star ratings, which looks quite nice.

The Nexusmods page for the mod lists several other features. It is made by Masa, a very talented modder.

The item tooltips have also been changed in the mod. They now categorize the values into different sections. The skill page has also been updated to show what skill level the player is on and what percentage he or she is to the next level.

The health bar is probably a favorite addition. The health bar will indicate how much health an enemy has at any given time. Moreover, you can replace the kind of ugly awareness indicator with a color-coded name.

This enables you to alert an enemy if they are aggressive toward you or if you are hidden. And, this is very useful.

Unrestricted Portals

Metal ore can be brought through your portals with the Unrestricted Portals mod, saving you several hours’ worth of long trips during the course of the game.

Among the developers, stopping players from taking ores through portals caused controversy. Nevertheless, the decision was not made. This mod gives you the ability to make that decision.

Quick Stack

This mod is aimed at improving the quality of life in Valheim. That’s why it is called the quick stack. The mod was created by user damnsneaker on Nexusmods.

You can use the mod to send items from your inventory to a container by simply pressing a key. This is done by default by pressing the * key.

And, in case you have items in your inventory you don’t want to be sent into a chest all the time, it’s possible to exclude inventory slots from automatically stacking.

It’s always appreciated when mods improve the quality of life in games. Because they don’t necessarily make too many changes to the game’s content. However, they improve the flow of the game.

Valheim Plus

ValheimPlus is the most popular mod for Valheim. It allows you to customize the game exactly how you want it.

Do you find it difficult to build structures? You can remove all restrictions. Can’t wait for the smelter to drop the metal? Replace the smelter’s timer with one that takes half the time.

In addition to quality-of-life fixes, the mod introduces a shared map system for players in groups, which simplifies exploring considerably.

There are many players who have known what they want in a game for years but were unable to get it. So, valheimPlus is for them.

Custom Textures

In this mod, you can change the textures of a few items and models in the game. Also, different weapons, armors, and tools can be changed in color and appearance.

You can see how a bit of color can change the world of Valheim by scrolling through the images on the official Valheim page.

Epic Loot

In order to progress through the game, players must craft their own weapons and armor to differentiate Valheim from other survival games.

This mod adds magical items into the loot pool in order to spice up the loot pool, so it can be used like loot in an RPG like Diablo.

In this mod, players can find magical armor and weapons by killing enemies, opening chests, and defeating bosses. These items are categorized based on their rarity.

Additionally, each Valheim experience has its own unique magical properties. The drop percentage of these magical items is low, so they rarely appear. And, once you find one, it emits a colorful beam that guides you to your loot.


This causes a digital clock to appear at the top of the game’s interface so you can see what time it is in the game. And, the clock looks great.

This is very well suited to the aesthetic of the game. If the developer was interested in adding this mod to the game, then we wouldn’t be surprised. There are even popups for the various day cycles. Late afternoon, night, and midnight, for instance.

Users can customize the font, UI position, and other settings of the mod based on their preferences. The greatest time modification for Valheim is certainly this one if you are looking for a high-quality time display mod.

Fight Club

Sometimes your friends need to be slapped down. And, with the Fight Club mod, you can do just that. If this mod is not installed, the defeated player loses skill points when fighting their friends in Valheim.

In addition, they must return to their death spot to retrieve any items they dropped. But, with Fight Club, fighting has become much easier.

A duel consists of challenging a friend and engaging in combat with them. And, there will be no death in a duel. Neither do you lose items or skill points.

Equipment and Quick Slots

With this Valheim mod, you’ll find a more traditional RPG equipment slot. You’ll find the Equipment UI outside the main inventory area.

Your armor will not take up any space in your inventory since it expands your inventory. This is similar to the equipment inventory in Minecraft.

As well as adding 3 new slots to your keyboard, the mod assigns different hotkeys to them. Put here food, potions, or anything else you’d like to quickly access these items without opening your inventory and selecting them one by one.

In addition to using different potions on the go, you can also equip different arrow types depending on your opponents.

First Person View

With this First Person View mod, you can add a new camera option to Valheim. Valheim lets you zoom in and out from a third-person view. But there are times when a first-person view would be more beneficial.

So, with this first-person viewpoint mod, you can gaze out over the ocean while fishing or you can hunt deer with a bow and arrow from a better vantage point.

How to Install Valheim Mods

Mods for Valheim can be downloaded from To keep track of the different ones on offer, it is also helpful to use a mod manager.

Final Words

These are some of the best valheim mods. Make sure that you use these mods carefully. And, only install them when you are bored of the original game and want to try something fresh.

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