How to Teleport in Cryofall

There are a lot of areas to explore in Cryofall. Although the map is large enough to accommodate many players. It does have some disadvantages. Walking from one location to another on such a large map can be very time-consuming.

Through technologies, players can unlock vehicles in the game. How about fast travel? The fast travel system in Cryofall is quite handy. It allows players to teleport across the map quickly using alien teleporters. There are alien teleporters located throughout the world, and we will show you where they are. We’ll show you how to use them for fast travel.

Where to Find Alien Teleporters to Teleport in Cryofall?

There is no procedurally generated world in Cryofall, unlike most survival games these days. Handcrafted maps are used in the game. Each server maintains the same configuration.

Machines known as alien teleporters are located across specific locations. The Cryofall map has a total of 13 alien teleporters. You can view the entire map of Cryofall by clicking on the image below. Here you can find a map of all Alien Teleporters in the game.

Alien-Telporter locations on map for fast travel

The 13 teleporters on the map can be clearly seen thanks to The island to the east also has a teleporter that is clearly stuck. In the game, there is an item that can be used to find a random teleporter. The teleporter on the island can be discovered using this item.

At the moment, this is the only way to reach the island in Cryofall. You can find these locations by going to these locations. Discover and use the alien teleporter by interacting with it.

How to Teleport in Cryofall

Let’s talk about how to teleport now that we know how to find teleporters. You can fast travel using any of the alien teleporters in the game. It comes at a price, however. You won’t be able to use the teleporters yet once you find them.


To travel with them, you must find at least two teleporters on the map. The reason for this is that you can only travel between teleporter locations. Approach the teleporter once you see it. You can interact with it by pressing the right mouse button.

Paying the Teleporter Fee

The good news is that this is your second sighting of a teleporter. Teleportation is now possible through them. Teleporting costs a toll, which is the bad news. Cryofall allows you to fast travel using one of two things. Having a high health bar, or a pragmium heart. There is no doubt that having some health makes things easier. For this guide, we will focus on that.

Teleporters allow you to choose where to teleport once you interact with them. Any teleporter you discover on the map will be available to you. There is no doubt that the more teleporters you find, the better you will be able to travel.

How to Teleport in Cryofall

To use the teleporter, simply walk over to it. You can interact with it by pressing the right mouse button. Next, you will see the map. You will see a yellow symbol next to every teleporter that you’ve discovered. Select a teleporter location by left-clicking. Your payment method for the teleporter will be asked.

Your blood can be used for payment, or you can use a pragmium heart. Following your selection, you will be teleported to the location of your choice. You will be taking vehicles with you, as indicated in the image above.

Final Words

Teleporting in Cryofall is as simple as that. You can leave a comment below if you have any more questions about fast traveling.

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