Sneak Attack/Stealth Kill in Project Zomboid

Stealth is one of the mechanics that allow the player to sneak around their enemies in this hardcore survival RPG. And, when you move slowly and keep your body low, you can take advantage of the darkness and rain.

You can also sneak by those unwanted guests through other means. In addition to sneaking up on enemies, the player has access to advanced features.

And, you will all that in this article on how to sneak attack and stealth kill in project zomboid.

sneak attack stealth kill in project zomboid

Also, the development of Project Zomboid continues. In other words, the game’s features, content, and mechanics are all subject to change in future updates.

How to Sneak Attack/Stealth Kill in Project Zomboid

Apart from fighting enemies in the traditional mano y mano manner, this game plays like many other RPGs. A silent route is also an option. However, it requires a lot of patience and timing, the stealth kill.

It can be difficult to perform stealth actions in any of the developers’ games, as fans of the developers know. Mainly because the Dark Souls and Bloodborne games don’t really support it.

However, with the help of Project Zomboid, all that has changed. First, players must learn how to crouch before they can stealth kill.

Crouching in Project Zomboid is pretty straightforward. The player simply presses the left analog stick to do so.

It is advantageous to be able to crouch in order to sneak past enemies. This will minimize their visibility from in front of or behind the players.

Players can move on to stealth kill after they have mastered crouching down. However, players must first master crouching before they can stealth kill.

Crouching helps make sure they won’t be spotted by an enemy. The second thing they must do is camouflage themselves, which is achieved by hiding among the tall grass. They do this so that enemies cannot notice them.

Players can proceed with the stealth kill once they have checked all of the above boxes. The first step to a stealth kill is approaching your opponent from behind.

Once the player has gotten up close and personal, they will be prompted with an “Animation Backstab”. Pressing R1 or the right bumper is all that needs to be done after that appears.

Taking into account two things: first, a player’s level may determine whether a backstab kills them outright. In addition, any noise will alert the enemy, who won’t think twice about turning around and attacking.

And, this will make it impossible to stealth kill. So, players who are going for stealth kills should be sure to make it count.

Final Words

You must approach the enemy from behind in order to execute a stealth kill. And, make sure you don’t make too much noise, as they will be alerted and attack fairly soon. This will prevent you from executing the attack.

An advantage of stealth kill is that you can simply one-shot your opponent. In situations when large groups are segregated, that might prove quite useful.

Finally, a perfect parry is required to stun enemies. This is a challenging task. However, there is another challenge.

If you charge or jump at the enemy, it has a good chance of being stunned as well, so you can try that too.

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