How to Get Salt in Cryofall & Salt Flats Locations


The most important cooking ingredient in Cryofall is salt. Salt is an ingredient found in many recipes, ranging from drying meat to simply basing dishes with salt. As with everything in Cryofall, salt can be found in certain locations. The following guide shows you where and how to get salt in Cryofall.

How to Get Salt in Cryofall

The only way you can survive in Cryofall is by creating food. Many recipes require salt. Salt can be acquired in two ways in Cryofall. There are two ways to extract salt from saltwater: by mining or by separating it from saltwater.

The availability of either of these depends on where you are located. When building your base near the ocean, you would be better off boiling saltwater to get salt. On the east side of the map, you may want to consider visiting a salt pit.

How to get salt in cryofall

Getting Salt from Salt Flats

A number of different biomes and sub-biomes can be found in cryofall. By pressing M, you can view the map. When the map is open, you can see what type of biome you are in by pointing over it.

Salt flats are a smaller biome. There is a lot of salt in these salt flats if you can mine them.

You can see an example of this in the image above. An image of a salt flat can be seen there. Salt deposits can be mined here with pickaxes. Each salt rock you break up yields 14 salt.

Salt Flat

Breaking up the rock will also provide you with some lithium salts. Salt flats are an excellent source of large amounts of salt. As a bonus, you’ll also receive some lithium. Additionally, salt flats in the region can pose a great deal of danger to an unprepared player.

Cryofall Salt Flats Locations

All Barren biomes have salt flats. You can find it on the east side of the map in the huge desert region. You should, however, take precautions when visiting this area. There are many dangerous creatures lurking in the barren.

The following image represents the salt flats of Cryofall. You can also view the entire map by visiting this page.

Salt Flats Location in Cryofall Map

Among the salt flats and the rocky mountains, there is a slight difference in tone. Their sizes, however, are similar. Rocky mountains and salt flats look similar, but their tones are different. A barren area with salt flats can be seen on the east side of the map. Pickaxes are available at these locations. It is also possible to mine salt.

Getting Salt From Salt Water

Salt can also be obtained by evaporating saltwater. Our first step will be to make a bottle. The first step is to research how to make a bottle on the technologies tab. In the Industry section, you can find bottles in the first tier. Researching Glassware technology can help you create and use glass bottles.

To make the bottles’ glass, you will also need a forge. It is also necessary to craft the bottle on a workbench. As a result, you will need:

  1. Furnace
  2. Cooking Stove
  3. Workbench
  4. Materials for building and crafting

When you attempt to craft glass, you will only encounter difficulty if you cannot obtain ash. In Cryofall, you can get ash by following this guide. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

Everything you need is now at your disposal. At the workbench, craft the bottle with the glass. It is best if you can make a lot of them. This will reduce the amount of time you spend going back and forth.

Every full saltwater bottle you collect will earn you two units of salt. You can collect your bottles at any ocean beach. One side of the island is where you can find salt water. Lakes do not contain salt water.

How to Get Salt from Salt Water


Get salt water from the side of the island with your empty bottles. The TAB key provides access to your inventory. In the quick bar at the bottom, empty bottles will appear.

On this bar, there are numbered inventory slots. Stacks of bottles can be filled simultaneously.
You can equip the bottle by left-clicking it or pressing the corresponding number. The bottles should be equipped once you reach the edge of the water. You can turn it on with your left mouse button. Saltwater will be poured into the bottles by your character.

Using the salt water you provided, we will now fill all the bottles. Drinking salt water is not recommended. Drinking this may also cause you to become ill since it will make you thirstier. Get salt water from your base. You can now begin removing the salt.

Start cooking on your stove. The salt recipe can be found in the recipes section. The recipes should include a salt icon. Take a look at the following image.

How to get salt in cryofall

You should also have a menu like this. Choose the following recipe. Then, insert the saltwater bottles into the cooking stove’s input section. You can use wood or charcoal as a fuel source. As soon as the salt is processed, it will be ready.

Saltwater bottles will be returned to you every 30 seconds after being processed into 2 units of salt. Freshwater will not be provided to you.

What is Salt Used For?

In Cryofall, salt is primarily used for cooking. Even at the beginning of the cooking process, salt can be used in Cryofall. There are many recipes on the cooker that call for salt. The main purpose of salt is to dry out food.

The drying cabinet can be used to dry out many foods using salt as an important ingredient. Have a look at every ingredient. Make sure you have plenty of salt if you plan to be the colony chef.

Chemistry and Industry where Salt is used in Cryofall:

  • Disposable Battery
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Preservative

Food and Medicine where Salt is used in CryoFall:

  • Improvised MRE
  • Jerky
  • Pickled Cucumbers
  • French Fries
  • Potato Baked With Meat
  • Grilled Carrots
  • Fried Insect Meat
  • Milk
  • Onigiri
  • Sushi

Final Words

This guide was all about salt in cryofall, salt flat locations, its uses, and how to get salt. If you have any doubts or questions, shoot them in the comments below.

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