How to Get Rubber/Natural Rubber in Cryofall

In Cryofall, rubber is a confusing subject. You must obtain a lot of it in order to build anything in the game. Rubber can be obtained and crafted just like any other resource. Follow this guide to find natural rubber. Rubber can be made from it to make things.

Rubber in Cryofall: How to Get It

Rubber is needed to craft cryofall. Sulfur powder and Natural Rubber can be combined in a chemical laboratory to create normal rubber. Rubber is fairly simple to make. The hardest part is finding natural rubber. Below are the locations where you can find natural rubber in Cryofall. Get a glimpse into the making of rubber.

A Guide to Rubber/Natural Rubber in Cryofall

How to Get Rubber in CryoFall

In this guide, we will show you how to get rubber in Cryofall from start to finish. It can be confusing to unlock and craft certain items in the game, so we are breaking it down into smaller steps.

There will be a smaller heading for each step. In this way, you can go directly to the relevant heading if you have already arrived somewhere or need specific information.

Researching Rubber & Building a Chemical Laboratory

Rubber must be researched before it can be crafted. In the technologies menu, you can find this item as well as all other items. At the top of the UI, select the technologies menu. It can also be opened by pressing G. Rubber can be crafted in Tier 2. Chemistry is the section we are looking for. It is time to open up chemistry tier 2 technologies. You can learn everything on the right side of the screen.

Rubber Technology page cryofall

On this technology page, rubber can be seen at the bottom right. The process of crafting rubber can also be seen right away. You are done with this menu once you have researched these technologies. The next step is to build the Chemical Laboratory. By pressing B, you will be able to access the construction menu.

Next, head to Industry. You will need to place down the blueprint for the chemical laboratory. The construction should be completed. Now you’re ready to craft some rubber. It is important to note that in order to create rubber, you need two things.

Natural rubber and sulfur powder are the two items. Getting sulfur is easy if you read this guide. Next, we’ll show you how to get natural rubber.

How to Get Natural Rubber in Cryofall

The natural rubber tree can be cut down in Cryofall to obtain natural rubber. In the middle of the map, in the temperate forest biome, you’ll find natural rubber trees. You can use an axe to cut these trees down. When they are cut down, you will get natural rubber. Here’s an image of a rubber tree so you can get a better idea of what they look like.

Rubber Tree to get rubber in cryofall

There is no real differentiation between the trees in the game, which can be very confusing at first. Rubber trees are always white and skinny. The leaves are large and bushy. It’s basically just a matter of cutting down as many trees as possible. In crafting, you’ll be using a great deal of rubber.

Here is a map guide to help you find temperate forests.

Growing Your Own Natural Rubber – How to Craft Rubber

Cryofall also offers the possibility of growing rubber trees. Saplings of rubber trees are sometimes found when rubber trees are cut down. Planting this will allow a rubber tree to grow. Rubber tree saplings aren’t always guaranteed to be found when a rubber tree is cut down. The number of saplings you receive cannot be increased. The outcome is just a matter of luck.

Put the sapling in your quick bar at the bottom of your inventory once you have it. As soon as the sapling is equipped, it can be planted. Put it down somewhere on the ground. After a few days, the tree will be ready for harvesting.

Rubber tree growth
Rubber tree growth

We can now create our own rubber now that we have a good amount of natural rubber and sulfur powder in our inventory. Head to your chemical laboratory with your materials in hand.

To open the crafting menu, click the right mouse button on the laboratory. In this menu, look for rubber. For every unit of rubber that you want to craft, you’ll need 5 natural rubber and 10 sulfur powder.

Please select the rubber. Click on the right side of the screen. Rubber can be crafted in any amount you desire. Keep your natural rubber if you don’t need it. Since it doesn’t really serve any other purpose. You can craft by selecting the craft button. Let your rubber be processed and wait.

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Final Words

It’s as simple as that. The only thing left to do is to wait for your rubber to be crafted. Leave a comment below if you have any further questions about how to get rubber in Cryofall!

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