Rimworld Peace Talks [Event Guide]

Raids by enemy factions are one of the key gameplay elements of Rimworld. In addition to generating a new world, it is also adding various elements to it.

These factions have different ties to your colony. You may find that they are all enemies from the beginning.

So, as your colony matures and becomes wealthier and larger, it may be beneficial to improve these relationships in order to have an ally whom you can turn to when times are tough.

Rimworld Peace Talks Event

Peace talk request message

The PC game Rimworld is a Sci-fi colony simulator. There are an insane number of different events that can happen in the game with interactive AI storytelling. Peace Talks is one of them.

Getting anything done quickly isn’t necessary when you see this event appear in the notification bar. But, you can only initiate Peace Talks if you are being attacked by another faction.

This faction wants a peace treaty with your tribe, basically. In order to achieve a better relationship, the two have come to an agreement.

Who should you Send to the Peace Talks Quest?

In Rimworld, the pawn with the highest social skill should be used for the Peace Talks quest. In order to reach the destination, your character must travel across the planet.

There, he or she will attempt to negotiate with the hostile tribe. You will gain or lose favor with the other faction based on factors influenced primarily by your colonist’s social skill.

How do you send someone for peace talks on Rimworld?
Rimworld in-game screenshot

Peace Talks take place off-screen. There is no way to influence whether they succeed or fail. You will not achieve anything if you don’t go to the peace talks.

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Peace Talks do not require you to bring gifts or weapons. But, colonists must bring enough supplies to travel to and from the talks.

Will I be attacked?

A colonist with low social skill attending the Peace Talks and having a negative outcome will never lead to a battle. Aside from a small relationship loss, the hostile faction won’t attack your base immediately.

What Rimworld factions can spawn the Peace Talks event?

The Peace Talks event can only be initiated by enemy factions that have been marked as such.

And, it makes no sense to make peace with pirate factions or friendly factions.

Final Words

This is all about the Rimworld Peace Talks Event. You must have got some valuable information in this article. Thank you for reading!

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