Rimworld Muscle Parasites [Easy How to Fix Guide]

The game’s colonists can suffer from various diseases, injuries, and other physical conditions, including RimWorld Muscle Parasites. In addition, these parasites severely impair the performance of anyone infected with them, as with most status effects of this type.

Rimworld is a story generator based on colonies. This game allows for anything to happen (and it will). The randomized events that affect your colony are the game’s main features. Usually, these events are bad, but they can occasionally be good. The Muscle Parasites event is one of them.

When this disease strikes, it can affect any number of colonists. This guide will teach you what this event does and how to cure muscle parasites in RimWorld.

What Are Muscle Parasites in Rimworld?

Muscle parasites description

A muscle parasite can occur randomly in Rimworld, as aforementioned. Your screen will display a notification when this happens.

There will be a few colonists who will be affected by Muscle Parasites. Muscle parasites are described in the game as “Parasitic creatures in muscles.”. They cause weakness and coordination problems.

View the health tab to see which colonists have muscle parasites. Choose the colonist. In their mini UI menu, click the Health option. This will allow you to observe the effects of muscle parasites on your colonists.

Your colonists are the only ones affected by muscle parasites. Having them has no positive effects at all. Although the parasites are not lethal, they will greatly debuff your colonists’ moods.

As a result of the pain the muscle parasites cause, your colonists may lash out at each other or even experience mental breakdowns. Muscle parasites must be eradicated as soon as possible.

Muscle Parasites come with the following negative health implications:

Pain: +20% – Lowers your pawn’s mood
Manipulation: -30% – Determines how fast your pawns work when crafting or performing similar tasks
Moving: -30% – Your colonists’ movement speed
Rest Fall Rate: +100% – How fast your colonists need to rest after waking up. When your colonists are infected with muscle parasites, they will tire twice as fast.
Mood: -10 (Serious Pain) – Your colonists suffer a serious mood debuff from the muscle parasites, bringing them that much closer to mental collapse

In addition, it is also important to note that they impact more than one colonists:

Muscle Parasites effect

Removing the muscles of muscle parasites is beneficial as soon as possible. You won’t want your workers moving around for half their usual day. There’s no need to worry about this one. There is no danger associated with this one. However, in Rimworld, a mental break can lead to the end of a game.

How Diseases Spread In Rimworld

In the game, almost all diseases come with their own unique special traits and inflict varying amounts of damage depending on their symptoms. The progression of the disease occurs in stages over time.

The immunity that pawns develop against diseases tends to develop over time. The pawn may die if it is not immune to the disease.

In-game diseases such as plague can cause this situation when one of your pawns contracts them. To reach its final level, this disease progresses through multiple stages. In other words, it’s a 100 percent progression.

Without immunity to the plague, the pawn will die if it does not complete its progression. To help your pawns build immunity faster, you should administer pentoxifylline at the appropriate doses. Ensure it reaches 100 percent before the plague progresses.

How to Cure Muscle Parasites

Now that we are on the question of How to Cure Muscle Parasites in Rimworld, here’s a quick answer to it:

It is pretty easy to cure muscle parasites. Regular medicine will do the trick. During the entire duration of the disease, your pawn won’t need to rest. The “treatment quality” pop-up appears when your colonist is treated. To calculate this, simply add 300% of the treatments. The colonist will be cured after three 100% treatments, Six treatments at 50%, ten at 30%, etc. You just need to hit that 300 percent the total number of treatments; there is no “golden” number.

how to get rid of muscle parasites rimworld

Now let’s describe the same thing in more detail.

Rimworld Muscle Parasites Cure

Muscle parasites can be cured, fortunately. Muscle parasites can be treated similarly to infections and other diseases in Rimworld. The muscle parasites can be treated every two days. The colonist must now follow the steps outlined below once he develops the RimWorld Muscle Parasites:

  1. To rest the infected character, click the hospital bed icon.
  2. Maintain a stockpile of medicine. A Drug Lab can craft it using 3x Cloth, 1x Herbal Medicine, and 1x Neutroamine. With a RimWorld Hydroponics system, you can grow the base component of Herbal Medicine, Healroot.
  3. You will need a character with proficiency in Medical skill to be your doctor. Having maxed out their Medical Tend Quality stat is even better.
  4. When you have selected the doctor, right-click on the patient and select the option to tend to them.
  5. After the treatment is complete, wait until the bar fills up.

Depending on a few factors, colonists will receive a quality score every time they treat muscle parasites.

Among them are medical skills, the level of light in the room, the quality of the bed, and the quality of the medicine. It will take 300% treatment to cure muscle parasites fully. To fully cure affected colonists, you will need to tend to them 10 times if your average tend quality is 30%.

Treatment should be 100% quality in the best-case scenario. Hence, it takes three treatments for muscle parasites to be cured. If you are treating muscle parasites, make sure you provide the best possible treatment. For another two days, you won’t be able to treat the patient.

In the best-case scenario, your muscle parasites should be cured within four in-game days. This is because they can be treated as soon as they occur, then every two days afterward. I just find them kind of annoying.

According to some players, muscle parasites were not supposed to be included as an event in the game. So if you are one of those and want to know how to get rid of muscle parasites rimworld, we have created the following guide for them.

How to Disable Muscle Parasites in Rimworld

Are there times when you wish a game’s feature could just be removed? Muscle parasite haters are in luck because they can get rid of them.

You have some customization options available when you first start the game. Our personal use of this is to disable infestations. To begin, you must create a new game. To begin, you must choose a scenario.

Start by selecting a template from the list. Once the UI has been navigated to the bottom, click the Save button. Choose Scenario Editor from the menu. The starting scenario can be customized here. Once you’ve done that, click the Edit Mode menu. Before starting, you can customize the scenario. Below is an image that shows these three steps.

get rid of muscle parasite by disabling it

Next, click the button that says Add part on the left side of the UI. Your scenario can be modified here by adding a multiplier or another option. Disable Incident is what we’re looking for in this drop-down menu. Your scenario will now have the Disable incident part added to the right.

At the moment, a random incident will be disabled. Choose the part where the incident appears to change that. You can then choose which incident to disable from the menu. In the incident list, choose Muscle Parasites. In your game, this won’t happen anymore.

Final words

The Muscle Parasite plays a big role in the Diseases system in Rimworld. They mostly affect the colonists of a player. Depending on the biome where your colony is, as well as the level of difficulty that you choose, your colony will get this disease more often.

Your colony might be attacked a lot in a rainforest biome. Muscle parasites aren’t a problem in Tundra or Desert biomes, though.

There is no need to worry if your pawns get muscle parasites – they aren’t the worst disease they could contract. Fortunately, it is a very simple matter to treat, all you need to do is give them a little medicine every day, and they will be well within a few days.

With Muscle Parasites gone, you can rest assured that your colonists will no longer get them!

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