How to Craft, Sell Drugs in Rimworld [& Cure too!]

You can expect drugs to enter the scene in a game where slavery, decapitation, and pyromaniac mental breaks are all part of the routine. It is possible to grow them for a purpose or sell them because they are one of the most tame parts of Rimworld.

Take note of this warning. It is never a good idea to get high on your own supply. This guide will show you how to grow and craft your own supply in Rimworld and create a profitable trade.

How to Craft and Sell Drugs in Rimworld

What is the purpose of anything? There is a great deal of profit to be made trading drugs and drug items in Rimworld. With silver being able to be traded for so many things, it’s easy to see why you would want it. You can also craft most drugs on your Rimworld from scratch. Since there are no startup costs, it makes for a great enterprise.

From beer to ‘yayo,’ there are different types of drugs in Rimworld. Your colonists will experience different effects from each of these. Your colonists will feel less pain after taking some drugs. In some cases, they will be able to move more quickly and work more efficiently for a brief period of time. The negative side effects of these drugs are also worth keeping in mind.

A colonist who is addicted to a substance will become dependent on it. This won’t be an issue if you don’t run out of supply. These colonists will likely experience a mental break if they cannot satisfy their cravings. Please proceed with caution when using these!

Researching the required topics is the first step to creating drugs. It’s time to open up the research. Find the appropriate drug areas and navigate there.

Drug Research Rimworld

Growing Drugs in Rimworld

Rimworld’s drug production begins during the growing phase. The raw resources you need for developing and crafting drugs must be grown first. Click on the architect menu to do this. You can find it at the bottom left of the screen. A grow zone can be created under Zones.

Plants will be grown here by the colonists. Find an area with fertile soil. The type of soil in an area is indicated by a text at the bottom left when your mouse is over it.

Drug rimworld

The type of plant grown in an area can be changed by selecting the area after it has been placed. Selecting Plant from the menu. When the zone is selected, you can also press the P key. In Rimworld, three types of drug plants can be grown:

  1. Smokeleaf Plant: Smokeleaf joints are made from these types of plants. Colonists benefit from them because they reduce pain.
  2. Hop Plant: In Rimworld, it is used to create beer.
  3. Psychoid Plant: Rimworld’s drugs are mostly crafted from this ingredient. For a quick profit, it can also be refined directly into Yayo.

You will have to wait until these plants mature once they are planted. The plant job colonists will harvest once they have grown. They should be taken to the designated stockpile zone. A separate stockpile should be made specifically for these near a drug lab.

Crafting Different Drugs With Raw Products

Creating a Drug Lab Process

We can now begin processing our raw drug product after growing and harvesting it. Make a safe zone where you can store supplies. Ideally, this should be done under a roof. Also, note that Refrigerating this isn’t necessary. However, if you have the resources, why not? Creating a drug lab is the next step.

In the construction menu, click the Production tab. You can unlock this after researching the topic of Drug Production. Then wait until it is built using any material you like.

Select the drug lab once this is built. Click on the Bills menu to create a new drug type. The menu on this screen allows you to order work at the station. Add a bill by selecting the Add Bill option. There is a drop-down menu where you can select an option. You can see here which types of drugs are currently available for crafting.

smokeleaf joint rimworld

Try researching other research tasks to expand this list. Select an item from the list. Once you’ve decided how much to create, you can proceed. Select the bill if you want your colonists to create smoke leaf joints whenever possible. Then select Do forever. This will now be created whenever the resources are available, and there are no other priorities ahead of it.

Your colonists will now craft some valuable resources for your colony!

Selling Your Merchandise

You can now make a profit from the smokeleaf that you’ve grown and created. Making this your primary silver business allows you to carry large amounts on every caravan trip. The reason for this is that all drugs in Rimworld are relatively lightweight.

The game has different prices for different items. To make things easier for you, here is a list of the general market values for each of the drugs produced:

  • Go-Juice: $53
  • Penoxycyline: $18
  • Flake: $14
  • Yayo: $21
  • Smokeleaf Joint: $11
  • Wake-Up: $35
  • Beer: $12

Rimworld Addiction Cure

To recover from drug you have to follow this rimworld addiction cure. This is how it goes:

The colonists have to go without the drug for a long time until they fully go through withdrawal. For most drugs, this is 20-30 days, but ambrosia addictions go away in about half of that time. This is difficult as they will take the drug without your permission, no matter what your drug schedules look like. There are a few ways to prevent them from doing that.

Rimworld Remove Addiction

Follow these steps to remove addiction from drugs in rimworld:

Eliminate all of the drugs from your base. Either lock what amount of the drug you have into a fully sealed room (no door in, even a forbidden one) or load all of the drugs into transport pods (binging colonists can’t find them there).

Either way, stop producing the drug for now. If the addiction is psychite, stop producing all forms of psychite addiction, not just whatever got them addicted.

They will be in an awful mood during this time and likely break; if that break happens to be a binge on some other drug, then beat them unconscious to stop them from getting a new addiction.

Make sure not to use powerful melee weapons when beating them unconscious; just have a group of 3+ people who don’t typically do melee beat them down. Skilled melee professionals may do too much damage and either cause permanent harm or kill the binging colonist.

Arrest them and keep them in jail until the addiction is over. They may go berserk or try to break out, keep them in a separate area from normal prisoners to reduce the chances of the latter. You could install certain types of brain implants so that a single EMP blast will knock them unconscious and prevent either type of escape.

Some of the brain implants that do this are: neurocalculator, learning assistant, circadian assistant, circadian half-cycler. Some brain implants that do NOT do this are pain-stopper, joy-wire(cannot be removed either), and mind-screw(also cannot be removed).

Cut their legs off or remove their spine, leave them in the hospital until the addiction goes away, then give them new ones of whatever you took. This is the second expensive, but least dangerous for the colonist in question, as they cannot even go on a mental break if they can’t move, meaning no punching chemfuel.

Make sure the colonist is not body purist as they will not like their new modifications, though honestly, I wouldn’t recruit anyone with this trait to begin with. Bonus points if they are a transhumanist, as they will greatly appreciate their new bionic parts.

Usage of healer mech serum will instantly cure the addiction if it is the most dangerous thing affecting the colonist.

This is the most expensive, and you shouldn’t do this unless your colony can’t operate with the colonist out of commission for 20-30 days. The game may view “most dangerous” differently than you do; check the wiki for a list of its priorities.

Make sure you keep an eye on their consciousness, especially if they have brain damage. If a colonist’s consciousness hits 0%, they die.

All withdrawals except that of ambrosia reduce consciousness; while this is nowhere near enough to kill on its own, if several other health conditions also reduce consciousness, that can add up and bring them down to zero.

Some drugs can be used safely, you don’t have to have a completely abstinent colony to avoid addiction. Check the description of each drug for their “safe dose interval” for specifics.

If you recruit chemically interested/fascinated colonists, you will need to know this, or they will take more dangerous drugs on their own.

For chemically interested colonists, one of any non-medical drugs every two days will keep them in check. For chemically fascinated colonists, one of any non-medical drug per day will keep them in check. Ambrosia, smokeleaf, beer, and psycite tea can be used safely.

Yayo, flake, go-juice, and wake-up cannot be used safely, though how dangerous they are varied, and usage on rare occasions such as during an intense battle may be worth it. Even so, never use flake only sell it; it’s just a cheaper and more dangerous version of yayo.

Luciferium is special. It is a medical drug, meaning that chemical interested/fascinated pawns will leave it alone even if chemically starved, teetotalers will not refuse to take it, and binges of it cannot occur.

It will always cause an addiction upon use, and the addiction is permanent and must be satisfied every 5-6 days, or else the addict will die. However, it greatly boosts the colonist’s abilities in almost every way and can heal any scars and old age health conditions, including dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The effects are just as permanent as the addiction, they will always be boosted, not just for a few hours after each dose like with other drugs. I recommend using it on very old colonists who are vital enough to the colony to justify to expense. If you run out, putting the colonist in a cryptosleep casket will prevent them from dying. You can buy luciferium from outlander bases, Outlander/orbital exotic goods traders, and empire bases.

Penoxycyline is perfectly safe, there is no risk of addiction no matter how often you take it. It is also considered a medical drug and therefore cannot be binged on, teetotalers will be willing to take it, and chemical interested/fascinated people won’t randomly take it without permission.

Credits: Thanks to Pikmin_Hut_Employee from Reddit for the guide.


Can you sell drugs in Rimworld?

You can sell drugs in Rimworld. There is a lot of profit to be made from manufacturing and selling drugs, especially hard drugs.

What skill is drug production Rimworld?

Drug making is governed by crafting skill. A higher crafting level means your drugs will be crafted more quickly.

What work is drug lab RimWorld?

Several types of drugs are crafted in the drug lab, which is a production facility.

How do you assign a drug in Rimworld?

The drug policy system allows drugs to be assigned to regular use. A drug policy is similar to an outfit in that it assigns a schedule for taking drugs. Every drug can have a frequency, and you cannot limit the number of drugs you can set. You can, for instance, require colonists to drink 2 beers a day and take 1 Penoxycyline a week.

Which is Rimworld’s best drug to sell?

Rimworld’s Best Drug to sell is Flake. The margin of the flake is very large. Flake easily outsells other drugs when you consider the market value of materials and the value/work involved in making them.

Making drugs out of neutroamine can earn you a nice profit too.

Final Words

To sell your merchandise, load up a caravan and send it to another colony. It is also possible to wait for traders to come by looking for products. Profit from being the kingpin of the Rimworld!

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