Rimworld: Cannot Tame No Useable Food Error [What To Do?]

You may encounter the message ‘cannot tame any useable food’ in Rimworld when selecting which animals to tame. That’s exactly what it says.

And, in this article, we will discuss how you can avoid any problems taming animals in Rimworld by looking at the possible causes of this error message.

Cannot Tame No Useable Food in Rimworld

There are different diets for different animals in Rimworld. There are three types of animals: carnivorous, herbivorous, and omnivorous. And, they will only accept certain foods as taming foods if they like a specific diet.

You can click on the animal to find out what diet it follows. In the UI, click the small ‘i’ to access the animal information page. This page gives you the diet of the animal.

For instance, some animals won’t eat meat. You will have to use berries or another vegetarian meal source to tame it.

Use Kibble


As far as training and taming food are concerned, Kibble is the best and most universal choice in Rimworld.

All animals in Rimworld, with the exception of Wargs, can be tamed with Kibble. Only raw meat will be able to tame the Warg.

But, Rimworld’s other animals can be tamed and trained using kibble as well. Other than Kibble you can use the specific diet for a set of Animals.

Why You Still Can’t Tame Animals With Correct Food?

There may be a number of reasons why you are not able to tame the animal even if you are sure you have the right food. Below are a few of the most common reasons:

There is not enough taming skill to tame:

There may be a colonist who is able to tame animals. But, it is important that your handler has a certain level of experience handling animals before they can be tamed.

A smaller creature like a rat will not have a minimum required taming level. So, in order to improve your taming skills, have your colonists tame as many creatures as they can.

No colonists assigned to tame:

The work tab of the colonist should have at least one colonist assigned to taming.

Make sure you have a colonist who is capable of taming animals. In the Jobs list, click ‘Handle’ to make him the handler.

The food is forbidden or in an area, your colonists cannot access:

You must make sure the type of food you are going to use to tame the animal is not prohibited.

Finding forbidden items in your colony in Rimworld will allow you to identify them. Make sure there is an ‘x’ over them.

Unforbidden items can be unforbidden by selecting one of the options below or by pressing the F hotkey.

Verify the item isn’t stuck in an area that cannot be reached by your colonist. For example, it may be stuck inside a wall with no door.

It is possible that some colonists will only be sent to certain areas/zones of the map.

If you have confined your colonists to a specific area of the map, ensure they have the appropriate type of food within their zone, as well as the ability to get to the animal you want them to tame.

Final Words

This is all about Cannot Tame No Useable Food in Rimworld. You will be able to solve this by the information above. Thank you for reading this article, hope you enjoyed.

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