How to Research in Going Medieval

The purpose of this guide is to introduce players to how research works in Going Medieval. Players will have to conduct research in order to unlock new technologies and blueprints. When a certain threshold of research has been completed, the colony will have access to a variety of things.

It can be a bit confusing to research tables and then actually purchase books. Those who have played a lot of colony simulators will be confused by Going Medieval’s unique research system. This guide will go over the steps you need to take to research and unlock new items, despite the fact that there is an in-game tutorial that shows you how to do so.

How to Research in Going Medieval

In the beginning, you won’t even be able to access the research in Going Medieval. You will need to build your first Basic Research Table in order to unlock the research tab.

going medieval research
For an increase in production speed, place a research table inside

Using the Production blueprint menu, you can build your table. By pressing F2 on the keyboard, you can access it. This menu contains the object, Basic Research Table. This list allows you to select it. The blueprint should be placed somewhere. The building should be done inside. Having this inside will speed up production.

A settlers will build the research table once your colony has 60 wood. The blueprint can be right-clicked. Choosing the priority option will allow you to have it built quickly.

In the long run, it will be built as long as one of your settlers is assigned to construction. You will be able to access the research tab once the table has been built. As a result, Chronicles can begin to be produced.

How Does Research and Books Work?

In research, things work like this. Settlements will have to create chronicles and books physically to conduct research. They will provide you with a physical item when their research is finished.

Take great care when storing this research. In order to research a new task, you will have to create even more research if this one is destroyed. You can see an example of this in the image below.

Collecting research notes and books unlocks research

The Armorer research can be found here. Researching this piece of technology requires research into everything that came before it. Before this, there were two items that needed chronicles to unlock:

Architecture: 15 Chronicle
Tailoring: 20 Chronicle
Armorer: 30 Chronicle

Researching an item also includes your total count. Armorer requires 65 Chronicles to research, which means you must have 65 Chronicle in your stockpile to do so. In the event that all of your Chronicles are destroyed when you research tailoring, you will have to create a new 65. What is the process for creating chronicles? In the next section, we will discuss that.

Get Chronicles and Books in Going Medieval

going medieval chronicles
At the research tables, research is produced as a physical item

What is the process of getting chronicles? It is not the end of the process once you have built the research table. Like in Rimworld, your settlers won’t immediately begin researching.

Research must be produced physically and used to unlock topics. You can now select your newly created research table. As with any other production facility, a menu will appear. Adding the research to the production queue is the same as adding it to any other facility.

Next, click the stacked books icon. The product can be found in the Products section. Production of chronicles will be added to the queue as a result of this action.

We are ready to begin work. The number of chronicles to be produced can also be decided. It is best to leave it at forever since you will always need research to unlock everything. This means production and research, will never stop. The research job in the jobs menu should be assigned to one of your settlers.

Research is pretty much at the bottom of the priority list at this point. There may be a benefit to having at least one settler prioritize research over other less important tasks. Without research, you won’t be able to unlock anything new.

Producing Books and Thesis in Going Medieval

You will be able to make more advanced research once you have advanced from the chronicles. At other stations, books and thesis are produced. New research production areas can be unlocked by unlocking Research II and Research III topics.

A second one is the Research Table, which allows you to create textbooks, and the third is the Advanced Research Table, which allows you to create thesis.

Research II unlocks the Research Table, which produces textbooks
Research II unlocks the Research Table, which produces textbooks

Despite appearing similar to the basic research table, these are completely different. The Research table and Advanced research table do not allow chronicles to be created. For as long as research requires these items, you’ll need them all. If any of your old stock is damaged, you may want to keep them all.

There is no need for me to elaborate on textbooks and theses because they are produced in the same way as chronicles.

Final Words

Here’s a quick overview of how to conduct research in Going Medieval. We hope you have gained a better understanding of Going Medieval’s research system through this guide. In our opinion, this mechanic is really well done.

Keeping your older research in physical storage and taking care of it is a good idea. We have also written a Kenshi engineering research guide that you can check out if you play that too. Let me know if you have a question, comment or suggestion for our next guide!

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