Project Zomboid: Surviving after Getting Bitten 

In Project Zomboid, getting bitten is one of the worst things that can happen. And, even if you try your best to avoid it, it will happen eventually.

It will happen whether it’s when you get surprised by a zombie in a house or when you’re surrounded by hordes. This is why it’s so crucial to know what to do if you’ve been bitten.

surviving after getting bitten in project zomboid

As with other injuries that can be fatal for your character, this too can ruin your run. So, our guide below will help you determine if a bite will kill you.

Surviving after Getting Bitten in Project Zomboid

Your character may have contracted the lethal Knox Infection if they feel nauseated or queasy. Click on the heart icon in your left side panel for more information.

In the body part affected section, you will find any wounds. You probably ate raw or spoiled food if you don’t have any wounds. So, make sure you have a good meal and get some rest. You will start feeling better soon.

But, those with lacerations, scratches, or bites are probably in trouble. A zombie’s lacerations and scratches have only a slim chance of infecting you.

The bites of zombies are guaranteed to transmit the disease. In the sickness chain, queasy appears first, followed by nauseous, sick, and finally fever.

Eventually, even well-fed and well-rested people lose their health until they die.

What to Do if you Got Bitten?

You should act fast if you have been bit by a zombie. Your character will last longer if you react quickly to an injury.

You will also need to treat your character’s infection at this point, as well as bleed if anything pierces their skin. The first step in treating an injury is disinfecting it.

If you want to see the treatment menu for a body part, you must right-click it as shown at the bottom left of the health menu. If you do not have certain items, certain treatment options may not be available.

A good example is disinfection. Several different items can be used to disinfect a wound. Just to name a few, there are alcohol wipes, disinfectants, and strong alcohol.

So, make sure you disinfect all wounds. The possibility of infection is always present.

Cleaning Wounds

The wound should then be covered and the bleeding should be stopped after it has been disinfected with a disinfectant.

Also, there are a few items that can be useful here. And, to avoid wasting the bandage, make sure you disinfect the wound first.

The first zombie encounter went well for you. At least for now. It is important to remember when you are bitten by a zombie that you will fall flat on your face in the current early access version of Project Zomboid.

But, the fact remains that you will eventually become one of the zombie horde, no matter what you do. Honestly, the best thing to do is to not get bitten.

You can help yourself in the next round if you’ve been bitten and are slowly dying, however.

Can you Survive Zombie Bite?

A few different forums have been confused about Project Zomboid. Actually, there are some players who claim that despite being bitten, they survived.

The reason for this is that there WAS a version of Project Zomboid in which you could survive being bitten. However, this was early in the game’s development.

In addition, there was a bug in which you could not pierce the skin with a bite if you chose the Tough Skin trait. Furthermore, you wouldn’t be affected by it.

This is called a bug. The developers have clearly designed the game to end once you have been bitten.

Get Ready for Next Life

Don’t worry if you’ve been bitten and you can see that your health is deteriorating. Even though the journey of your character may be over, the game does not need to come to an end.

Death is an important aspect of the game. In the game, everyone eventually dies, whether it be a bite, a scratch, an infection, a car accident, or a natural disaster.

Therefore, it’s important to enjoy the time you’ve spent with your character. And, make sure you’re ready for the next one. Trying out a new build and grinding up a new character is part of the fun.

You should try to take them and the items if you can see that the end is near for your character. This item is being carried to a place that you can find again later on the Project Zomboid map.

Consider taking your character to the local convenience store and locking them in a room if you are starting over in Muldraugh, for example. You can also paint a house in the area to mark your next run.

Also, your character doesn’t cease to exist once he or she turns into a zombie. In this game, you become a part of the horde and roam around with them. Everything on the person is also part of the horde.

By remaining on the screen after your character has died, you can see them get up and begin their zombie life. And, by starting a new character and returning to that location, these characters can be found once more.

For all their items to be returned to you, you’ll need to take down your former character. After killing them, you can take their items.

But, it may be a good idea to drop the backpack and all the items somewhere safe. Then again, why bother?

It can be especially devastating to come across a previous player while playing Project Zomboid in multiplayer. Being forced to take your friend out after they’ve fallen is always a sad experience.

Change Infection Settings

You can alter the game settings surrounding zombie bites in order to improve your bite experience. This is a popular setting change among veteran players.

Therefore, they don’t have to wonder about their character or wait to see if they will turn around. This setting is called Infection Mortality.

You can choose your difficulty level when you begin Project Zomboid. Choose Custom Sandbox if you want to completely customize your experience.

Infection Mortality is one of these settings. It can be found under Zombie Lore. You will die when your character gets bitten if you set this to Instant. It takes the guesswork out of determining if you have an infection or not.

Final Words

This is all about what to do when bitten by a zombie in project zomboid. We hope that you will make use of this valuable information.

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