Project Zomboid Map – Build 41 (Guide)

One of the best aspects of Project Zombies is its map. The game still has a long way to go before it is fully released. Nevertheless, Build 41 has a very large map full of things to do and see.

The Project Zomboid game is an intense survival game. You need to loot, survive the elements, repair your cars, eat and drink in this zombie apocalypse game.

But, there can be some confusion when it comes to finding loot in general and navigating the map.

This is still a development game, so updates are released quite frequently. They just released build 41.

There are many features included, such as fitness features and exercise capabilities.

Additional features include new vehicle mechanics, as well as a separate button dedicated to ground attacks.

Project Zomboid Map – Build 41

Knox Country is the current name of the Project Zomboid map. This is a fictional place that is based loosely on Fort Knox and Louisville in the United States.

Project Zomboid has a few towns or ‘sections’ that stand out from others. They serve as the game’s starting points. However, there is no way to see your position on the map.

Build 41, as well as all the others, do not have a mini-map or go map guidance. Although there is a great Mini-Map mod. It includes sections such as:


It’s a sleepy riverside town. It has a few nice shops and cafes. Towns like this one are located along the north edge of the Project Zomboid map.


This town has a bit of a rural feel to it. Besides the courthouse, it does not have any major amenities.

In the northwest of the city, however, there is a large prison. You can see the building from the outside.

West Point

On the Project Zomboid map, it is near the middle of a densely populated suburb with busy shopping streets and big supermarkets.


The town is reasonably sized and has a lot of shops.

Best Project Zomboid Starting Location

It is recommended that you explore all areas of the Project Zomboid card. Some may seem challenging at first. Whichever one you choose doesn’t really matter.

It is only true that where there is less density in the city, there will be fewer zombies.

Zombies are one of the most prevalent creatures in West Point. When you play your next game, bear that in mind. The entire map is connected to all cities.

On the Project Zomboid map, all towns are connected. Multiplayer was available in previous versions from Build 41. As you traveled from town to town with other players, you could see what others had built on the map and make your own creations.

You may even have to go to another side of the map if you run into trouble with other players. While multiplayer was implemented in earlier versions of the game, it has yet to be implemented in build 41.

Using Maps

In-game map of West Point

You will find maps while playing Knox Country. The maps show roughly where the shops are located in each town. This helps you navigate.

You can also interact with the maps in-game. Use a pen or pencil to write on the maps. Right-click the map to equip the pen or pencil. You can then draw on the map.

You can use this to figure out where your base is. This information can also be used to establish which areas of Project Zomboid have already been looted.

Final Words

Store locations are shown on these maps to help you navigate the city. Interactive cards are also included in the game.

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