How to Get Leather Strips in Project Zomboid

The crafting system in Project Zomboid is extensive. Besides building new things, you can also disassemble and recycle old ones. Leather strips are one material you can recycle. Then you can reinforce your clothing with these. Finding leather strips can be a bit challenging. Here’s how to use leather strips on your clothes and where to find them.

How to Get Leather Strips in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid doesn’t just have leather strips. Crafting is the only way to obtain them. In particular, recycling other objects. You will need scissors to get leather strips. Leather clothing is also a good option. A leather jacket is usually easy to find. Right-click the leather clothing item after you have scissors.

Rip clothing is an option that you will see. The leather strips will be delivered when you select this option. Depending on the item of clothing you are ripping apart, you will receive a different amount of leather strips.

How to Get Leather Strips

This image shows us tearing up a leather jacket. As a result of tearing apart this jacket, we received four leather strips. To accomplish this, you will need scissors. The option to rip leather clothing will not appear if you do not have scissors in your inventory.

What Are Leather Strips Used For?

What will you do with those leather strips now that you have them? Leather strips are mainly used in Project Zomboid for patching up clothing and bandaging. Our discussion of how to use leather strips as a bandage won’t be too detailed since it’s quite straightforward.

In place of regular bandages, choose leather strips when bandaging a part. It’s that simple. However, the latter requires a little more explanation.

Reinforcing and Patching Clothes With Leather Strips

Your clothing can now be patched up with leather strips. I guess you could say almost. A needle and some thread are needed to sew patches onto your clothing. This skill is related to tailoring. There is a tailoring skill in the skills list. Your new patches’ protection level depends on your skill level.

We will discuss that in more detail later. Patching your clothing requires a needle and thread. Now you need some leather strips. Right-click the item of clothing you want to patch up. Click on the Inspect option.

Add Leather Patches Project zomboid

Your clothing will be displayed on a smaller menu. In addition to blood level, you can also see wear on each part of the item. The leather strips can be added here. Right-click again after selecting an area of the item with your thread and needle.

Afterward, you can decide what kind of material to use for the clothing item. We are adding leather strips to my sweater, as you can see in the image above. In addition, you’ll gain some scratch and bite defense bonuses. All materials have defense values, but leather strips provide the best.

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Final words

Your clothing will also display patches once they have been completed. When you have a few patches, they can look a little put-together. You can create very protective clothing with leather strips if you don’t care about its aesthetics.

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