Project Zomboid Jewelry: How to Find, Uses, Mods & More

In this post, we will find out every possible thing we need to know for project zomboid jewelry.

What is Jewelry Used for in Project Zomboid?

A large array of items and deep mechanics are combined in Project Zomboid to make it through the game. It’s possible to use some items in ways you wouldn’t expect. Recipes for crafting are numerous.

The appropriate item will be needed for every action. A screwdriver, for instance, is needed to disassemble a walkie-talkie. It is not uncommon to see random jewelry around, but what is it used for?

How to Find Jewelry in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, you can find jewelry all over the map. Different types of jewelry can be found in a few places. About half of zombie corpses contain jewelry if you loot them.

There is a wide range of jewelry to choose from, such as rings, earrings, and necklaces. Jewelry can be found here easily and seemingly endlessly. It is possible for zombies to spawn endlessly depending on your zombie spawn settings.

finding jewelry project zomboid

There are also certain containers in houses where you can find jewelry. There is a greater likelihood of finding jewelry in a rich house. Necklaces and other accessories are usually found on bedside tables and wardrobes. Generally, jewelry can be found in a house anywhere clothing can be found. There will no longer be a need for it, so don’t hesitate to take it!

What is Jewelry Used For in Project Zomboid

In the game, you will find jewelry that can be used for various purposes. Melting it down for crafting might have crossed your mind. Could it be traded for goods? To be honest, Jewelry serves no purpose in the current version (build 41) of Project Zomboid.

Developers may have just added this as a feature of customization or they may have plans for jewelry in the future. NPC traders may use jewelry as a currency in the future. Unfortunately, we don’t know.

Jewelry is primarily used to customize your character. It is possible to equip any jewelry you find to your character. Their character model will also reflect this when equipped. Jewelry is best used for role-playing purposes. If multiplayer finally drops, maybe you’ll be the guy who stockpiles gold jewelry by trading food away.

Project Zomboid generally offers jewelry items for customization only. While they do have their own weight, equipping them will allow you to level up your strength skill more quickly. Strength is passively leveled when carrying heavy loads. However, they are not very heavy.

A Mod for Recycling Jewelry

It is possible to utilize unwanted jewelry by using a mod from the Project Zomboid steam workshop. This mod allows you to scrap gold and silver items down to gold using the Currency Variety Mod. In exchange for this gold, rare items can be obtained. Gameplay is improved with this new system. A player will be motivated to hoard jewelry if he or she has a good reason for doing so.

In-game sprites have even been created for the gold scraps and bars. Check out the mod if you are interested; you can tell that a lot of effort went into it. We cannot comment on the mod’s effectiveness since we have not tested it ourselves.

The Future of Jewelry in Project Zomboid

In the game, there is a lot of jewelry to choose from. Therefore, we believe the developers have a jewelry plan in mind. These necklaces were not drawn and programmed for nothing. The mod above shows how jewelry can be used in a variety of ways. Despite that, it is still very basic.

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Final Words

There must be a reason for Project Zomboid’s inclusion on official NPCs. In the meantime, what do you think jewelry’s purpose in the game is? Feel free to leave a comment.

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