Project Zomboid Helicopter Event (Guide)

There is no doubt that Project Zomboid is one of the most challenging zombie survival games ever.

And, helicopter events in Project Zomboid cause zombies to crowd around your location.

Regardless of whether you play alone or with friends, the game claims to be the ultimate zombie survival game. In this game, players have to react immediately to such events, making it difficult to play.

So, let’s look at what Project Zomboid’s helicopter event is and how to survive it.

Project Zomboid Helicopter Event

Project Zomboid’s Helicopter event generally occurs at a definite moment in the game. You can change your game settings at the beginning of the game to see when the helicopter event will occur.

There should be a heading under the category of ‘Metagame’ settings for the helicopter in-game event.

During this in-game event, the helicopter cannot be seen. It will, however, attract large numbers of zombies. As the rotors turn, you can hear them.

In addition, the helicopter will follow the player around if it sees the player. Consequently, the player will be surrounded by zombies.

A helicopter passing the player may not see them at first, but it might see them a second time if it makes another pass.

How to Survive the Helicopter Event in Project Zomboid

It is a random event that the helicopter appears. However, you’ll know when it’s coming. In the event of helicopter activity, the automatic emergency broadcast station (AEBS) will announce “air activity detected” on the radio.

However, there is no fixed frequency for the AEBS. Therefore, you will either need to manually hunt for it on the airwaves or locate a radio that has it stored as a preset.

For the entire day, you can stay inside or in the forest to avoid being spotted and followed. The helicopter will follow you to any hideouts you have tried to go to once you have been spotted.

It may leave and return later if it cannot find you after an hour. But don’t become complacent. Only when you survive the entire day of the event, you’re free of the hovering doom.

In your world, the helicopter event will only occur once by default. Alternatively, you can create your own sandbox world so that you never have to worry about it.

In the section titled “Sadistic AI Director,” you will find options to change helicopter event frequency.

What if the Helicopter finds you in Project Zomboid?

Once the helicopter has located you, it will hover and follow you around, causing zombies to converge on your location.

Keeping moving in this situation is preferable to losing the helicopter in a forest. Avoid hiding in a forest. You’ll be spotted by the helicopter anyway.

Because of this, you should keep moving to avoid being overwhelmed by the approaching hordes. Get lost in buildings and forests if you run into hordes to slow them down.

Having a car would be the best option. That way, you can keep moving and avoid the crowds.

When does the Helicopter Event start?

Default settings allow the helicopter event to start on days 6 to 9 between 9 am and 7 pm. To know when a helicopter event is occurring you can also listen to an automated emergency broadcast via radio.

When a helicopter event is imminent, the radio will display a message that says air activity detected.

Final Words

This event has two important aspects to consider. Firstly, it will occur at a particular moment in time. Under the Metagame section of your settings, you can see it.

Furthermore, the helicopter will return to the player if it passes him without noticing. Even though the likelihood of the helicopter coming again is slim, it is not zero.

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