Pragmium in Cryofall: How to Get it, Recipes

Among the rarest minerals of Cryofall is pragmium. You will spend most of your time collecting different materials in this survival colony simulation game. What’s the reason, you ask? In order to craft items, you’ll need these materials. Crafting is an important part of Cryofall, as it is in most survival games. The range of materials ranges from fibers and wood to electronics that are cutting-edge.

Let’s look at how to get Pragmium. What you need to know about it on the map. It is possible to obtain it in other ways as well. Our focus will be on the easiest methods.

How to Get Pragmium in Cryofall

Pragmium can be obtained in Cryofall in two ways. On the map, Pragmium can be obtained by looting Pragmium beetles or by mining it from the surface. Obtaining Pragmium is easy through mining. It won’t require you to fight anything. Further details about both of these methods can be found below.Pragmium Description cryofall

Get Pragmium By Killing Pragmium Beetles

By looting dead pragmium beetles, one can quickly acquire a guaranteed premium. There are certain places on the map where you can find these. You will also be able to fight pragmium beetles if you choose to fight the Pragmium Queen during the world event. There are a few other places where they spawn.

The barrens are a good location for pragmium beetles to spawn. There are very few pragmium sources in the barrens. There is a large piece of pragmium sticking out of the ground. Beetles will always guard it as well.

Pragmium Beetle

The blue color is one of the easiest ways to identify premium beetles. The Volcano area on the map is another place where pragmium beetles spawn. On the map of Cryofall, there are two volcano areas. View the map. Find out which volcano is nearest to you. Volcanoes can be very hot, so be careful. The best thing you can do is craft some heat protection unless you want to do a hail Mary run.

It is fairly easy to kill pragmium beetles, despite their rarity. Pragmium is probably within your reach if you are at the stage of the game when you are seeking it.

Pragmium Locations for Mining

It is also possible to mine pragmium directly from the ground. On the map, you can mine pragmium at certain locations. Pragmium sources and pragmium nodes are two types of mineable pragmium.

Pragmium Nodes

In Cryofall, pragmium nodes are small crystals that can be mined. Pragmium sources and volcanoes are the two places where these nodes are located. The crystals are small blue crystals that can be found on the ground when you walk up to them. You can then get pragmium for yourself using a pickaxe.

We advise creating heat protective armor if you intend to mine these from a volcano area. Prepare yourself for a fight as well. This area contains a number of tough enemies. Then again, other players might also be hoping to mine some pragmium. There isn’t much to this one. Locate the node. Grab a pickaxe and use it to get pragmium. That’s all.

Pragmium Node to find pragmium in cryofallPragmium Source

Pragmium is found in large quantities here. Pragmium sources are large rocks containing pragmium. In the barren biome, you can find pragmium sources.

On the Cryofall map, this is the desert area on the east side. Throughout the desert, there are random sources of pragmium. They don’t seem to spawn in any particular place. It’s just a matter of looking around yourself in the desert.

In contrast to the light-brown sand, they stand out quite a bit. Pragmium can be easily obtained from these sources. There are generally two to three pragmium nodes around them as well. In addition, there are three pragmium beetles. The process of mining the node, however, is an art. With a pickaxe, you can damage the node, but you’ll take psi damage.

Best Place to mine pragmium in Cryofall is A pragmium source in the barrens is the best place to mine pragmium source

It’s best to bring a mining charge with you. A second problem with pragmium sources is that they explode when destroyed. A white flash will appear on the screen when the source has reached 0 health. As a result, everything within the radius will be killed by the explosion of the source. You should be able to escape using a mining charge.

Return to the area once the pragmium source has exploded. Take all the pragmium off the ground and pick it up. Nodes can be mined as well. Beetles will also die if you destroy the source before the beetles.

Crafting With Pragmium

Among the rarest minerals in Cryofall is pragmium. Pragmium can be used to craft some of the best vehicles, electrics, and fuel in the game. Pragmium is also used to make one of the best armor suits in the game. It takes 100 pragmium to craft the armor shown below in-game.

Pragmium armor

Use the G key to view the later tiers of technology. No matter if you haven’t unlocked an item, you can still see it. Pragmium is essentially end-game content. The first few days playing the game won’t be enough for you to get pragmium.

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Words of wisdom

To survive the volcanoes, you will need good heat protection, but you will also have to fend off vicious creatures. Let’s not even mention fighting the pragmium queen. Pragmium is used in the following recipes:

  • Pragmium Armor
  • Pragmium Fuel Rod
  • Pragmium Fuel Cell
  • Pragmium Sensor
  • Pragmium Hammer
  • Impulse Engine


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