How to Get Potassium Nitrate in Cryofall [& Uses]

Resources and materials are abundant in Cryofall. There are many crafting systems available in Cryofall. Weapons and tools are not the only items that fall under this category. The smaller items must also be created. Armor, for instance, is held together with glue.

Alternatively, the black gun powder that is used in ammunition is made using the chemical potassium nitrate for its crafting.

So, definitely, it is important to know how to get potassium nitrate in CryoFall? Do you know where you can find potassium nitrate in Cryofall? Check out the next section if you aren’t fully sure.

How to Get Potassium Nitrate

Cryofall offers the possibility of mining potassium nitrate. Potassium nitrate can be found in the rocky mountains biome in Cryofall. Any rocky mountain will have this stone if you look for a rock with white flakes on top. The following is an example.

Potassium Nitrate Cryofall

You can mine any quality of pickaxe by holding down the left mouse button. The potassium nitrate will be directly added to your inventory as a result of this action. You can see how much you are receiving at the bottom right of the screen.

This substance can easily be obtained. You will quickly realize that you need a large amount to accomplish anything, even though you think it’s easy to get and craft with. There is no corrosion caused by potassium nitrate. As a result, it won’t disappear even if you can store as many files as you want in storage.

How to Find Rocky Mountains

Those who have played Cryofall for a while are probably familiar with rocky mountains. In the map, they appear as small raised areas. There is always a stone floor accompanying them. In addition, a few minerals can be found here and there.

You can see all the locations you have already explored on the map by pressing the M key on your keyboard. The map progress will be saved server-side, so you will not be able to carry over your progress if you switch servers. Switching servers will require you to explore the maps again.

The map below can help you locate a rocky mountain area in your area if you have not explored much of it yet. It is likely that potassium nitrate is present here.

A Guide to The Cryofall Map

There is no guarantee that every rocky mountain contains potassium nitrate. There are random spawns of resources there. Potassium nitrate might not be found if you’re unlucky. As a general rule, rocky mountains and potassium nitrate are prevalent on maps. Another option is to look for another rocky mountain or wait for them to respawn nearby.

What is Potassium Nitrate Used for in Cryofall?

In the game, this resource is used in a number of different ways. A key ingredient in flux powder is potassium nitrate. Sand and potassium nitrate powder can be used in the Chemical Laboratory to make flux powder. Steel is made from flux powder and iron and charcoal.

Among the most common compounds, potassium nitrate can also be used to make nitric acid. Nitric acid is used in subsequent chemical crafting recipes.

Potassium Nitrate in Cryofall

How potassium nitrate looks in the game

Potassium Nitrate is also known as Saltpeter. Used to make gunpowder and in a number of other recipes. Let’s see them below:

Input Crafting Station Output
Gold Nuggets x10

Salt x25

Potassium Nitrate x10


Electric Furnace

Gold Ingot x1
Potassium Nitrate x10

Charcoal x5

Sulfur powder x5

Weapon Workbench Black Powder x10
Potassium Nitrate x25

Ash x25

Mulch x5

Farming Workbench Fertilizer x5
Sulfuric Acid x2

Potassium Nitrate x5

Chemical Laboratory

Nitric Acid x1

Empty Bottle x1

Sand x10

Potassium Nitrate x5

Chemical Laboratory Flux Powder x5
Potassium Nitrate x25

Sulfur powder x25

Salt x25

Lithium Salts x25

Ash x25

Mineral Oil Canister x10

Chemical Laboratory Industrial Chemicals x25

Empty Canister x10

Salt x5

Potassium Nitrate x5

Industrial Chemicals x1

Chemical Laboratory Preservative x10

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Final words

Potassium nitrate is used in many crafting recipes as you can see from the items that can be crafted. It is possible to craft many things using potassium nitrate in its base form or to create advanced materials from it.

See the technologies tab to learn more about potassium nitrate’s uses. With a large supply of it, you’ll be able to craft with confidence in the future.

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