Native Lifeform Migration | Cryofall World Event Guide

It is common for world events to occur in Cryofall. There is no limit to where these events can occur on the Cryofall map. The Native Lifeform Migration could be one of the possible events. The map will display some creatures for a certain period of time during this event.

The loot they drop when defeated usually contains rare crafting materials. The native lifeform migration event is described in more detail below.

What is The Native Lifeform World Event?

The world events in Cryofall can take many different forms. We will focus on the native lifeforms’ migration in this article. Herds of rare animals will appear briefly on the map during this event. Generally, this event will take place in a few different areas across the map.

When a server is heavily populated, many different groups can participate in the event. In this event, you can hunt a few different kinds of creatures. We had the Floater migration event as seen in the article.

Native Lifeform Migration | Cryofall World Event Guide

The description indicates that this event is limited in time. In order to hunt the creatures, you will only have a short amount of time. The materials you gain will be rare, however. However, hunting creatures will not always be easy.

Floater creatures are best taken down with weapons of at least tier two. It is also important to keep in mind that they can do more damage as they get closer to you.

Hunting the Floater Migration

The creature you are hunting will be a Floater if you have the image that looks like a tree. Six of these creatures can be found in each circled area on the map; taking them out one by one is recommended. The image below shows how it looks:


As soon as the Floater creature appears on your screen, it will follow you. Additionally, they constantly attack with pulse attacks coming from their bodies. Keep as far away from them as possible.

In most cases, you can get loot from other animals instead of the floater. Keinite is the most valuable resource you can obtain from a floater. It is used in crafting tier 5 armor and is extremely rare. To kite the floater around, all you have to do is use a ranged weapon. The rare material should be available to you.

You can read more about Keinite in the image below:


How to Get to World Events Quickly

Get to world events before everyone else when it comes to world events. If the event is spawned far from your base, this can be difficult. Fortunately, you can do something about it.

Final Words

Fast-travel is a feature in Cryofall that not many players know about. Different locations can be reached quickly by using the alien teleporters scattered across the map.

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