How to Lock Doors and Chests in Valheim

The best way to enjoy Valheim is with friends. But, there are always going to be a few friends who won’t contribute or are loot goblins. So, you will need something to keep them away. Y

You can use a ward for that. By using the Ward in Valheim, you can protect your base.

how to lock doors and chests in valheim

Let’s take a look at how to secure your doors and chests in Valheim.

How to Lock Doors and Chests in Valheim

For your Valheim base to be protected, you will have to construct a ward. And, upon placing this ward, all doors within a certain radius of the player will be locked.

The doors will be inaccessible to any other player. Your enemies will receive a message saying “No access” when they try to open a door.

You will not only have your doors locked, but other characters will also not be able to access them. This also applies to chests that are within the ward’s radius. Upon placing the ward, you can also toggle this on and off by interacting with it.

What is Ward in Valheim?

A force field barrier seal will be placed around an area by the Wards. Therefore, you can protect your base against other creatures and other Vikings looting it.

Other players are also prevented from the building near your base. This provides you with peace of mind. It will also prevent hostile creatures from spawning nearby.

You can use this method to secure and protect your base building. The Ward radius will automatically lock all doors within it. Moreover, you are notified if any of your own structures are damaged within the radius.

Ward has a large radius. So, it is possible to cover large areas using multiple Wards and have big longhouses and other structures in them.

How to Build a Ward

The player must first collect all of the items necessary to construct the ward in order to unlock and access it. You first need to craft a hammer and go to ‘Misc’ to build the ward.

The ward can be found here once the player finds the items. For you to place the wall down, you do not need to be near a workbench.

The materials required to build the ward are:

  • 5 Fine Wood
  • 5 Greydwarf Eyes
  • 1 Surtling Core

The player will need to interact with the ward once it has been placed in order to activate it. The ‘Use’ key is used to do this. And, the ‘E’ key is by default for this.

The ward glows when interacted with and a barrier is erected in a certain radius around the area where it is placed.

Valheim allows players to place multiple wards throughout the map. Each player can place an unlimited number of wards.

Putting a ward inside a house without windows effectively eliminates the possibility of another player damaging the house. The lock will lock not only the player’s doors but also chests placed within its radius.

This makes the ‘Personal Chest’ the 3rd chest item almost useless. Using a ward, it performs the same function as the other chests, but it has a smaller capacity for storing items

Players can still damage and destroy your base even if they cannot enter your building or chests. Also, other creatures, such as trolls and graydwarfs, will still be able to destroy and damage your buildings. The dismantling feature of the hammer won’t allow players to break down your buildings.

When a player enters your base, destroy your wards. At that point, any chest in your base would be accessible.

As a result, hiding the ward in your base is best practice. It could also be buried underground. That way, looters cannot locate it. And therefore, cannot access your items.

Destroy and take control of other player’s Ward?

If a ward is located on open land, it can easily be destroyed by other Vikings. All locks in the game will be open once it’s destroyed.

When protecting your ward, you should hide it away in a building or other structure that other players can’t access due to the seal barrier.

You should also keep it active at all times. This is because other players can interact with it to grant themselves full permission if they find it when it’s inactive.

If you go to the Ward, you can see a list of Vikings. The permission can be revoked by destroying the Ward and building a new one.

Permit Others Using the Ward

There is another information tab at the bottom of the ward when you first interact with it. This displays the characters who have access to the items protected by the ward.

Your base and chests can be accessed by other players through the ward. A community server or playing with friends publicly can be helpful if you are in a small clan.

A ward can be deactivated so that friends can be added to the ‘permitted’ characters. They should come over and press the ‘Use’ key on the ward.

And, the user’s name will appear under ‘Permitted’ users for that ward after they have interacted with it. In other words, they will be able to access any door or chest within the ward’s radius.

Also, it will be necessary to grant access to each ward individually if you have multiple wards.

You can now grant access to your doors and chests to friends and people you trust. All while ensuring that the base remains secure and locked for others.

Final Words

That’s how Valheim Wards work. And that’s how they work as locks. Also, ensure that no one damages the structure you have worked so hard to build.

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