How to & Where to Find Engineering Research in Kenshi? [Solved]

The game Kenshi is a squad-based RPG that’s free to play. It lets players do whatever they want in the game world rather than forcing them to follow a linear storyline. Self-sustaining research bases require research benches. Advanced engineering research is an item you can start.

How to Get Engineering Research in Kenshi

Here are the places where you can purchase Engineering Research in Kenshi:

  1. The Scraphouse
  2. Travel and Repair shops
  3. Workshops with Feeble Defense

Kenshi can require a lot of research and crafting. The advantage of having a self-sustaining base is that you will save a great deal of time and effort. During the process of setting up your base, you probably set up your research bench.

Engineering research will be needed for advanced research. Find out where to find it in this guide.

What is Engineering Research?

Engineering Research in Kenshi

Engineering Research is one of the items in Kenshi. It is categorized as a Unique and Research Artifact. Kenshi does not include unique items in its random spawn system. These items spawn in a fixed number in every game world. At the research bench, these items are consumed by research items. At the construction bench, these are consumed by construction items.

Engineering Research is represented by a red icon in-game. It occupies four squares in a character’s inventory. 8,000 cats are needed to conduct engineering research.

It is possible to acquire cats through the sale of loot to merchants. Further, looted or raided items can appear in other characters’ inventories. It is possible to buy items, hire assassins, etc. At the beginning of the game, the player is given a number of Cats. How many Cats you get depends on which player you choose.

Where to Find Engineering Research in Kenshi Game?

It is important to conduct research in engineering. You can find them in different locations using Artifacts systems like Ancient Labs. Ancient laboratories were once found in advanced civilizations. It is now a crumbling ruin. Among the rubble of these labs, you may still encounter mechanical army troops.

Many of them can be found at Narkos’ Trap, Burning Forest Lab, Crater Labs, Crumbling Labs, among others. Engineering research is almost certain to be found in old workshop ruins. You can also perform Engineering Research at post-ancient workshops, deadlands workshops, or workshop complexes.

Locating these workshops is as simple as locating them on a map. Looting their storage units is the next step. It’s important to remember, however, that these areas are well protected. Security spider bots may also be encountered there. In the deadlands, guard robots are also present.

Kenshi Engineering Research Locations

The following locations are good places to look for engineering research if you’re not interested in running into security bots and guards:

Go to the scrapyard and buy one

Black Desert City can be seen on the map. In the nearby area, there is a store. Exotic, valuable, and rare items are for sale in the store. With acid rain protection and 8000 cats on hand, you can almost certainly buy Engineering Research from their stock.

On the second floor of Scraphouse, you can find it. It can be purchased from the shopkeeper. Near Black Desert City, the store is situated in the middle of the map. Rare and exotic items are sold in this store. Engineering Research is usually on hand. Go there if acid rain protection and 8,000 cats don’t bother you.

Travel and Repair stores sell them

For tech hunters, the shop sells travel items, robot limbs, and maps. In addition to these shops, you can also find them in Squin, Flats Lagoon, or World’s End. There are many other items available besides ration packs, standard first aid kits, etc. In addition, this includes items that are rare and uncommon.

There are also artifacts that can be spawned; however, these aren’t listed. These Artifacts do not respawn when the shops are restocked. There are artifacts spawned in Flats Lagoon and World’s End. This is the most likely place to find an Engineering Research item.

Workshops with Feeble Defense

Unguarded Workshop can be used to get Engineering Research in Kenshi
Unguarded Workshop can be used to get Engineering Research in Kenshi

It is still possible to find ancient workshops without much security. The Engineering Research item can be looted from these. The Grid has two weakly defended workshops that are located in the area. The swamp area is located in the southwest.

There is also an unguarded workshop like this in the northwest. Purple Sands is where you can find it. Loot it there when you find it. After that, you will receive your Engineering Research item. If you look hard enough, you can find engineering research in these ruins.

The Engineering research is usually stored in locked containers and safes in storage, so lockpicking skills are also required. It is only possible to obtain Engineering research if you can open the crates you received as raid spoils.

As a result of the engineering research, you will be able to build a self-sufficient base that allows you to avoid running errands and focus on achieving your goal instead.

There are a few places where the player can obtain engineering research. Consequently, ruins spawn artifacts randomly due to the fact that they are considered artifacts. Engineering Research almost always spawns in old workshop ruins.

The Deadlands workshop and the Post-ancient workshop are just a few examples. These places can be found on the map by searching. Take advantage of the shops’ storage rooms by looting them.


What are the best places to find engineering research?

Location to find engineering research kenshi

Various technologies require engineering research as a research artifact. Kenshi engineering research locations include Places like Post-Ancient Workshop, Workshop Complex, and Deadland Workshop. These are almost certain to spawn engineering research. A variety of locations, including Ancient Labs, can also be accessed using the Artifacts System. The Travel and Repair Shop and Scraphouse have a chance of selling them.

How much engineering research is needed to research everything?

To research everything, you need 19 Engineering Research.

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Final words

The Scraphouse offers relatively straightforward procedures for purchasing engineering research. Go upstairs after entering the building. From the vendor, you can buy engineering research. Once you reach a ruined area, you must search the area. Locked safes and storage containers are common places to find Engineering Research. A lockpicking skill will probably be needed to open the loot crate.


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