Where to Find an Innki in Temtem [Simplest Guide!]

Your journey will eventually lead you to a quest called Intrigue. To get over a bridge, you must talk to the High Priest. A specific Temtem must be caught and brought to the High Priest to prove that you will make an honest pilgrimage in this area.

Innki is the name of this Temtem. It will be mentioned by the High Priest where you can find this Temtem. He won’t repeat the location if you skip through the dialogue. You’ll be able to find an Innki by following this guide.

Where to Catch Innki in Temtem

It is in Cipanku that you can catch wild Innki. There is a cave at the bottom of the Misogi Grotto, which is located within the Pillars of Highabove cliffs. Below is a map showing how to get there. In the grassy area in the middle of the grotto, look for an Innki once you’re inside.

innki temtem

You can enter the grotto from the south through the circled area on the map above. In addition, there is another entrance to the grotto on the other side of the cave. The cave entrance can be found just by following the pathways. You have gone too far if you find a rock wall that you can climb.

Tips for Catching an Innki in Misogi Grotto

You are not yet done with your challenge when you reach Misogi Grotto. Until you encounter this Temtem, you will need to run in the grass. There are relatively few Temtems to be found, unfortunately. Before you find an Innki, you’ll probably have to fight through a bunch of Mudrid and Chubee.

This area has a spawn rate of 5% for Innki. There is a good chance that you will encounter an Innki every 10-15 encounters. Due to the simultaneous encounter of two Temtem.

Innki is a Dual-type electric and crystal Temtem. Weakening Innki requires caution as always. As earth damage inflicts a x4 damage bonus on Temtems, you definitely don’t want to do it to Innki. Please refer to the chart below. Consider neutral or weak attacks when planning your strategy.

x4 x2 Neutral 1/2 1/4
Earth Fire, Melee, Crystal Neutral, Water, Nature, Digital Wind, Mental, Toxic Electric

What is temtem innki location?

Innki can be found in all of the grass areas within Misogi Grotto in the Cipanku area of Pillars of High Above. On your way to Miyako Village, you pass through the grotto.

Is Innki Good?

Innki is a dual electric and crystal type. Among Innki’s special abilities, it’s zero hold STAB electric technique is reliable and strong. However, its priority options are weaker, and its Crystal technique is less reliable. Innki gains a priority Crystal technique and requires synergy to have access to good turn 0 moves.

Innki Temtem: Final Words

As far as other factors are concerned, it is all down to RNG. Innkis can be found in the grotto if you keep running around. The High Priest will take the Innki from you once you complete the quest and bring it to him. The Innki is not yours to keep. To get one for yourself, you will need to catch another Innki.

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