How to Write on Notepads/Paper in Project Zomboid

The hardcore survival game Project Zomboid has a lot of interesting mechanics. Its gameplay uses in-depth survival mechanics that vary in effect from limb to limb, including a full health and damage system.

The player can also interact with the various items in the game as one of many things they can do in the game. Notepad is one such item.

how to write on notepads in project zomboid

Here’s how to write on notepad in project zomboid.

How to Write on Notepads/Paper in Project Zomboid

A notepad is one of many items that the player can collect. The good news is that most items such as blank paper or blank notepads can be almost written on by yourself.

A pen or pencil will also be required if you wish to add custom text to one of these items.

With the aid of a writing utensil and an item that can be drawn or written on, you can now write on the item. You can write in a notepad in Project Zomboid by right-clicking the notepad in your inventory.

There is an option to Write a Note in an Empty Notebook in this menu. Choose this option. And, your game will display the Edit Notebook screen.

You can edit the item/notebook’s name from here. This text box allows you to type your own message.

In your main inventory section, make sure you have the notepad and pen. And, the cardboard box serves as the logo for this section of the inventory.

Keep in mind however that you won’t be able to write in the notebook if the pen is in your backpack.

What Can You Write on in Project Zomboid?

In Project Zomboid, the player can customize and write on a number of different literature items. The notepad, as mentioned above, is a book that contains 20 pages of whatever you want.

The notepad can be used as a solo journal for your player, a tracker of where you have been, or a logbook for your whole team when you play multiplayer.

So, let your imagination run wild. Also, in Project Zomboid, you can write in more than just a notebook.

A sheet of paper that can be used for writing is included with the notepad. There is less space here than on the notepad, but it functions similarly to it. The sheet of paper can be selected by right-clicking it. You can then choose to write on it.

You will also find a map of each town in the game. You can use the maps to find interesting sites in each town. These maps also allow you to write on them.

They can then be customized. The player has a number of different options when they have the map open. The Add Note option at the bottom of the screen allows you to write custom text on the map.

Depending on what type of pen you have in your inventory, you can type different colors.

A blue marker, for example, is needed to write in blue. In addition, symbols can be added to the map by selecting the Add Symbol option.

Final Words

Now, you know how to write on notepads, papers & maps in project zomboid. This is a very cool feature that you can use to your advantage. Thanks for reading this article. Do comment your thoughts and suggestions.

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