How to Wall Jump in Valheim (Very Easy)

There are a lot of different skills, mechanics, and controls in the game, but many players are unaware of them. In certain situations, the ability to wall jump is one of the features not discussed while playing the game.

Jumping off the side of a wall is possible if the walls are close enough together. And, valheim even allows players to scale vertical walls.

how to wall jump in valheim

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How to Wall Jump in Valheim

Jumping off the side of a wall is called a wall jump. This is usually done to help the player get higher.

You can kick the walls off your feet just as you can in real life to boost yourself upwards. And, generally, the character is propelled upwards and away from the wall by the momentum of the push.

The player can jump on flat ground in Valheim by pressing the space key. To jump up a wall, run-up to the wall, then jump up. Jump again once you are connected to the wall. You will be able to jump even higher.

And, also you will be able to reach places you never thought possible.

Wall Jump in Valheim

In Valheim, it’s easy to jump off walls. There are no special controls or tricks involved. Just run straight up to the wall and jump.

Keeping your shift key pressed while sprinting and also pressing the jump button will help you reach the wall.

But, to be able to scale higher walls, you need a high stamina pool. So, your stamina will determine how many jumps you can do on the wall and how long you can sustain yourself.

Also, you can use this to scale steep mountains and get away from enemies to a place where they cannot follow you.

Natural stone walls are the best for wall jumping. But, in the swamp, wall jumping on static trees is not possible to get closer to the guck.

Final Words

Put your wall-jumping skills to the test. As with anything, practice makes perfect. So, in general, the higher your jumping skill levels up, the higher you are able to jump.

Jumping higher will allow you to reach your desired height on the wall with less effort and stamina. Therefore, keep improving your jump skills to improve your wall jump.

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