How to Use Molotovs in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, there are two ways to craft the Molotov Cocktail. And, the process is very straightforward.

A large group of zombies can be moved or destroyed at once using it. But, to make Molotov Cocktails, players must gather certain ingredients.

how to use molotovs in project zomboid

Here are the steps and requirements for making the molotovs in project zomboid.

How to Use a Molotovs in Project Zomboid

The easiest way to use Molotov cocktails in Project Zomboid is to throw them. Also, Molotovs do not need to be lit to explode. All you have to do is make the Molotov.

Additionally, we recommend using Molotov Cocktails to get rid of large numbers of zombies. But, you must be careful, as if Zombies wander off, they can set buildings on fire, causing the loot to be lost.

Throwing Molotovs

In Project Zomboid, the Molotov item must be equipped in the primary hand in order to throw a Molotov. And, as soon as you have the Molotov equipped as your primary weapon, equip a lighter or matches as your secondary.

Then, press the right mouse button to hold the weapon. Now, use your mouse to aim your throw. And, by pressing the left mouse button, your character will throw the molotov wherever it is aimed.

Molotovs are not always accurate when they are thrown. They generally land fairly close to where they are thrown, however.

Also, fire can spread in the game and destroy resources and houses by using too many Molotovs.

Crafting a Molotov

There are a great many items that you can craft in Project Zomboid, and you can use them in a variety of ways through the crafting menu.

Project Zomboid lets you make molotov cocktails in two different ways. A Molotov can be made from gasoline, an empty bottle, and a ripped sheet, as well as bourbon and a ripped sheet.

Molotov Cocktail With Gasoline

By combining the items in the image above, you can make your own molotov cocktail in Project Zomboid.

From a gasoline container, you can make a Molotov with 1 unit of gasoline. A dirty rag or ripped sheet, as well as an empty glass bottle are also required.

Making this cocktail may seem more difficult than making the bourbon cocktail. However, gasoline is much easier to find.

Gas can be found at any gas station. You can find one in every town on the map. A large dinosaur sign on the gas station’s front makes them very noticeable.

So, take a look inside after you arrive. There are gas cans on the shelves. Unless you are extremely unlucky, there should be one in every gas station.

Now, check the trunk of your vehicle if this is the case. You can fill up an empty gas can at a gas station if the power is still on.

It is just as easy to find empty bottles. In almost every residential building in every city, you should find a bottle full of something.

And, to get an empty bottle, you can pour the contents of the bottle onto the ground. You can also drink the contents.

Bourbon Molotov Cocktail

Using a bourbon bottle and dirty rags or ripped sheets, you can make a molotov cocktail. This is an easy way to get a molotov cocktail in Project Zomboid.

All you have to do is collect two items. While it may be difficult at first to locate the bourbon, you can look at some places to find it.

Check out the numerous bars and restaurants on the map if you’re looking for bourbon. One of these is Twiggy’s, which is located at the south east corner of West point.

There is a very good chance this bar has some kind of bourbon in it. Otherwise, you might want to check out the local restaurants.

The easiest item to obtain in the game is probably ripped sheets. Select the clothing in your inventory and right-click to get ripped sheets from your character’s start clothing. The clothing can then be torn up and sheets received.

Final Words

There are many flammable objects in this world. All difficulty settings and Project Zomboid have fire spread enabled by default. Thus, anything flammable can also catch fire near a fire.

So, if you intend to loot houses, cut down forests for wood, or roast friendly players, be careful about throwing Molotov cocktails.

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