How to Use Flint in Valheim (Ultimate Guide)

Flint is one of Valheim’s most useful resources. But, it can be difficult to locate at first. Nevertheless, it won’t take you long at all to collect heaps of the stuff as soon as you know where to look.

Actually, there are specific biomes you need to visit on the map. And, thanks to the way Valheim generates its maps, you’re never too far from these locations.

how to use flint in valheim

Here is where and how you can find Flint easily within Valheim.

How to Use Flint in Valheim

Valheim is a vast and dangerous world. And, in order to defeat the five bosses, you must master the environment as you progress through the game.

Also, you will learn how to transform raw materials around the world into powerful weapons and tools.

Finding natural resources in Valheim is the key to progress. However, it is not always easy. And, knowing when the right time is to upgrade can also be extremely challenging.

So, if you are confused about finding Flint in valheim then don’t worry. Continue reading.

Where is Flint in Valheim?

It isn’t that hard to find flint since it is such an integral part of the Valheim experience. That’s especially true when you’re starting out. So, if you are new to the game, consider exploring the Meadows biome.

As you walk through the Meadows, you’ll encounter creatures like boars, deer, and other items you should note while getting to know the area.

The easiest way to find flint is to know what to look for. Around Meadows, look for light grey stones along the edges of bodies of water. These stones are rounded.

Near some bodies of water, you may also see flint located just under the surface. And, once you approach it, you should see a label that confirms whether it’s a flint or not.

From there, you just need to add it to your inventory. Make sure you are diligent in your search for flint. It is key to a long and healthy life that you have an arsenal of supplies.

And, you can use them in several ways. So, it is in your best interests to have as many supplies as possible. Look for it near the Meadows and the surrounding area. There will be plenty of it to meet your needs when you need it.

It is also possible to get flint from tanning racks in Fuling Villages. Ensure your inventory of this essential building material is always full by keeping an eye out for opportunities such as these.

Uses of Flint

Four weapons use flint as an ingredient. Among them are a flint axe, a flint spear, a flint knife, and a flint arrow. You will have to make a flint axe first. And, due to its ability to both chop trees and act as a weapon.

The efficiency of a basic flint axe will be lower than a level three wooden axe, however. So, it makes sense to upgrade it with additional flint and scraps. So, it also makes sense to upgrade it with additional flint and scraps.

Meanwhile, keeping your enemy at a distance can be accomplished with the flint spear. It can also be thrown. And, when you run out of arrows, it makes an excellent backup weapon.

However, flint knives are fast but relatively weak. And, it doesn’t work well against skeletons either. Thus, your primary melee weapon should be a club.

It’s an interesting place where the flint arrows are found. Flint is considerably harder to obtain than wood, but it is more powerful than regular arrows. And that’s what’s required for normal arrows.

Skeletons are immune to arrows of any variety. For The Elder, the second boss, you’ll need fire arrows, while for Bonemass, the third boss, you’ll need a blunt weapon.

Flint arrows can be useful if you haven’t fought Eikthyr yet. However, Eikthyr is not a particularly difficult opponent. So, you can use normal arrows against him.

And, as long as you don’t have a lot of flints and nothing else to do with it, you’re probably better off skipping the flint arrows altogether.

Final Words

By knowing where you can find flint in Valheim and what you can do with it, you’re one step closer to living a comfortable life in-game.

Do not take the game easy, however. If one slip-up occurs, you could lose your life(in Valheim).

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