How to Use Console/Admin Commands in Project Zomboid

The fun indie game franchise Project Zomboid has released its latest installment. A zombie apocalypse awaits players in this game as they try to survive against deadly zombies.

There is also a simulation element to the game. It requires players to constantly feed their characters. They must also satisfy his thirst.

Furthermore, they must protect him from diseases. And they must provide shelter. As you fight deadly zombies at your door, be sure to find different weapons and ammunition.

And, at the end of this game, the only thing you need to do is delay the face-to-face encounter as long as you can. There are also a number of console commands and cheats available in the game to make the experience more enjoyable.

Additionally, if you’re searching for console commands or cheat codes, you’ve come to the right place. The purpose of this post is to introduce you to all the console commands and cheats for Project Zomboid.

how to use console admin commands in project zomboid

Let’s get started without further delay.

How to Use Console/Admin Commands in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid does not have a command console per se. The console codes are entered directly into the chat window of the game.

You will have to press T on your keyboard to open this in-game chat. But, when the admin opens this section of the UI, they can type console commands directly into the chat if they want them to take effect.

If you are playing Project Zomboid multiplayer, you can access in-game chat. However, you cannot use those commands in a single-player.

Using Server/Admin Commands Without the Console

Admins of your own server will be you once you start it through the Steam version of the game. You will also have access to your own server control panel as well.

Basically, everything can be done without having to input console commands or server commands manually. Just press ESC while playing. Then select “ADMIN PANEL”.

When you open the admin panel you will see a number of options that are available to you as the server administrator.

There is a range of different admin controls you have, in addition to the general admin ‘powers’ such as invisibility and god mode.

From this menu, you can view all players and kick or ban them if necessary. As well as seeing all factions that are currently active on the server, you can also add experience, change server options, such as loot levels, and change the number of zombies on the server.

Server Options

You can change virtually everything about the server’s operation from the Server Options menu. Various options can be seen here, including allowing trades and showing other players’ usernames.

Here are some of the more relevant and important settings you can change:

Global Chat: Indicates whether or not the global chat function is available.
MaxPlayers: Shows the number of players who can join at once.
PVP: PvP damage can be toggled on or off.
PlayerSafehouse: The ability to claim a safe house is allowed or disallowed
VoiceEnable: Voice chat is available locally. You can generally have a smoother experience if you disable voice chat if you are experiencing server lag.

Opening the Admin Panel in Build 41+

A few changes have been made to the way the admin panel can be accessed in the new version of Project Zomboid. In order to grant yourself admin access, you will have to go through more steps.

You will still need to grant yourself access in-game even if you are the host of the non-dedicated server. The multiplayer version of Project Zomboid is available on two different servers. Dedicated and non-dedicated servers are available.

Opening the Admin Panel in a Non-Dedicated Server

If you start a game from the main menu, a non-dedicated server is what you run. Your machine starts the server locally.

The server will end when the game is closed. This is a non-dedicated server if you select ‘Host’ from the main menu.

During the time the game is running on the server, you will not be able to pause it. You will see an admin menu.

But, first, you will need to set yourself up as an administrator. This can be done by typing the following phrase into the game’s chat feature:

/setaccesslevel “yourSteamname” admin

As soon as you have successfully typed that in, some admin options will appear on the screen. Once you have accessed the admin options, there is an additional icon on the top left that says ADMIN. You can access the admin panel by clicking this icon.

Make sure you capitalize your Steam name. There have also been reports of Steam names containing non-standard characters causing issues.

But, they were able to access the admin panel once they changed their Steam name.

For Dedicated Servers

You will have to do the same thing whether you are using a dedicated server from a provider or hosting it yourself.

The problem is that when you log on to your dedicated server, you do not act as the host, but instead just as another player. Hence, you must type the command in the console.

Having reached the server, all you have to do is type the same command. However, do not use the / as we are not in the text chatbox. Commands can be entered here directly.

Final Words

The following above are the console commands and cheats for Project Zomboid. Feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments section.

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