(Learn) How to Use Backpacks in Project Zomboid

Let’s talk about how to make the most of your character today. In Project Zomboid, everything is useful. But, there will never be enough room to take everything with you.

So, the following information will help you increase your inventory space/carry weight. You will also learn how to bring more stuff along.

How to Use Backpacks in Project Zomboid

Your character can carry more items by increasing their carry weight in a few different ways:

  • Strengthen your body.
  • Keep items in a backpack.
  • Drive a vehicle around. Utilize its space.
  • Create a character with the Organized trait.

There are many ways to carry more items. These are just a few. The weight of each item can quickly fill up your inventory, leaving you overburdened.

And in terms of storage, the best solution is to have many smaller bases spread out across the map. Those bases can then be reached by vehicle later on.

How Storage Weight Capacity Work in Project Zomboid?

Each item in the game has a weight in Project Zomboid. In the storage unit in which these items are stored, they will take up a certain amount of weight.

In the game, each container has a maximum amount of items it can hold. You can see these limits by opening the container at the top of the screen. You can see them in the top bar.

In the picture, you can see we have marked 1 for the amount. It represents the characters carrying capacity. A 0/12 indicates that all of the items in the inventory weigh zero. Thus, the character can carry 12 items.

However, it is possible to carry more items. You will also become slower and more fatigued as you move over this limit. There is also a risk of injury and fatigue when your character is under a heavy load.

The image on the right shows the container’s storage capacity. You are not allowed to exceed the container’s storage capacity. Once you have items that take up the full 22 storage units, this bag can’t hold anything else.

But, the weight of items that are stored in a backpack and attached to the player’s back is less than they would be if they were in the character’s general inventory.

Increase Strength

You can increase your character’s carrying capacity by increasing their strength skill. Strength skill levels directly increase the number of items that your character can carry.

Some of the effects of this can be seen immediately if you start the game with certain perks and traits enabled. This would allow your character to carry more weight.

It is the easiest way to improve your strength since you only need to choose them when you begin the game.

If you have already started playing Project Zomboid, strengthening exercises are one of the best ways to get stronger.

Use a Backpack to Store Items

Bags and backpacks are one of the best and fastest ways to increase your carrying capacity. Throughout the looting process, you will find many different kinds of bags and containers in various shapes and sizes.

The first thing you should do when starting the game is to get your hands on a bag or container. It’s especially helpful if you have a backpack.

And, whenever you need something quickly, totes like the tote back and suitcase are the best choice. However, they need to be carried in your secondary hand.

In the game, packs are the best storage containers. Especially backpacks. You can keep your hands free by finding and equipping a backpack, which will allow you to store various items.

You can equip the backpack to your charter’s back by right-clicking on it. Then, click the Equip on Back option. After the backpack is equipped, items can be moved to it by dragging them to the backpack icon.

This will now appear in the character inventory UI on the right-hand side. The backpack can be viewed by left-clicking the icon.

Use Vehicle Storage

Using a vehicle’s storage capacity is one of the best ways to move around large amounts of items. The storage capacity of a vehicle is also dependent on what kind of vehicle you are driving.

The trunks of moving vans and pickup trucks are going to be much larger than those of regular cars. You can store things on each of the car’s seats, which is a great thing about cars.

And, in the inventory menu, you can even browse the seats. You can send items there. However, don’t store anything on the seats that you want to sit on.

Because, in order to get into the car, your character must move them.

You can also store things in the back of pickup trucks as you can see in the image above. Pickup trucks usually have a back door that you can open.

But, if you are passing by, be sure to check them out as there might be something within them. Other vehicles, such as cars, may have locked doors. However, a locked trunk cannot be accessed until it is unlocked.

Final Words

This is all about how to increase weight carrying capacity and how to use backpacks in project zomboid. Thanks for reading this article.

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