How to Upgrade Wood Frames in 7 Days to Die

The lack of recipes to upgrade the materials we craft is one of the most irritating aspects of 7 Days to Die for newcomers.

Upgradable blocks in the game include wood frame blocks and iron frame-blocks. The player, however, must determine the necessary materials.

Read on to find out more about it.

How to Upgrade Wood Frames in 7 Days to Die

Equip the right tool to upgrade wooden frames in 7 Days to Die. And, the stone axe is the easiest to obtain. You can upgrade the wooden frame by holding the right mouse button.

And, for each level of the block’s upgrade, you’ll need different kinds of ingredients. The first two levels require only wood.

The block will show a progress bar when you hold down the right mouse button. And, the progress bar will indicate how long it will take to upgrade the block.

The item you need for the next upgrade will be indicated in the bottom right corner of your screen if you do not have the resources for that upgrade.

Wooden Frame Upgrade Levels and Materials

However, the upgrade cycle does not stop at one level. Increasing the number of hit points they possess can be done multiple times by upgrading your wood frame.

Increasing the frame’s strength will also allow it to support more weight. Furthermore, it makes it difficult for players and zombies to break them down.

Upgrade 1:

With the first upgrade, there is more wood support over the item. And, in order to upgrade the frame for the first time, you must have 4 units of wood in your inventory before beginning.

There are 225 hit points on this frame.

Upgrade 2:

An additional layer of wood is added to the block at the second upgrade level. The result is a very different look. 4 extra wood units are required.

In addition to having 255 hit points, this frame is no stronger than the first.

Upgrade 3:

Thirdly, the wooden block will become a stone block by upgrading it to a stone block upgrade. And, in order to upgrade the block to the third level, you will need 10 Cobblestone Rocks.

The third upgrade increases the hit points dramatically for the wood frame-block. There are 1500 hit points for this block.

Upgrade 4:

Next, the block will be transformed into a concrete block from a cobblestone block. And, if you want to upgrade your block, you will need 10 Concrete Mix.

With 1250 hit points, this upgrade has less health than the cobblestone upgrade. Wooden frame-blocks cannot be upgraded further.

The wooden frame-block in 7 Days to Die can be upgraded a total of four times. With each upgrade, the block’s strength and appearance change.

With the exception of the first two upgrade levels, each level requires a different type of material.

Tools Required to Upgrade Blocks in 7 Days to Die

In seven days to die, there are a few different tools you can use to upgrade blocks like the wood frame-block. The easiest items to obtain are the Stone Axe, the Claw Hammer, and the Nailgun.

From worst to best, these are also ranked. While technically the Stone Axe is the worst tool for upgrading woodblocks.

And, as it can be crafted without any prior knowledge or workbench, it is extremely easy to obtain in the beginning.

Nailguns are the most effective tool for upgrading wood frame blocks and other building materials

You might even not need anything else other than the stone axe. It’s quick and efficient. In 7 Days to Die, we recommend finding a Nailgun if you intend to build a huge base or fix up an existing house.

You can also find a Claw Hammer that will enable you to upgrade blocks even more quickly.

Wood frame or log wood block: Which is better?

Wood frames require only two woods, whereas log cabin blocks require twenty woods. A wooden frame has 50 hit points, while a log wood block has 400.

When you have enough resources, you should opt for the log wood block for the first build. Nevertheless, when you look at the upgrades, a log cabin wood block requires ten additional woods to become a reinforced wood block.

wood frame or log wood

You can upgrade the wood frame into the same item by upgrading it to a wood block first, and then by adding another 4 wood blocks.

As can be seen from the materials needed for each item, although the base version of the log wood block is stronger, it does consume a great deal of resources compared to the wood frame version.

As both of them can be upgraded to a reinforced wood block, it is recommended that the wood frame be used in the long term. The log wood block may be a better choice if you do not plan to upgrade.

A character must have the materials necessary for upgrading a block in his or her inventory as well as an appropriate construction tool in order to upgrade a block. Using the crosshairs, a block that is upgradeable can be targeted and upgraded by clicking the right mouse button.
7 days to die upgrade frame shapes: After placing your frame shape, equip the wooden axe and right-click on PC (L2 on PS4 or LT on Xbox). As long as you have the necessary materials in your inventory, this will begin upgrading the frame. Three hits should be made with the wooden axe.

Final Words

This is all about how to upgrade wood frames and how to change block shape in 7 days to die. Thank you for visiting our website and reading this article. Do comment with any tips or suggestions.

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