How to Upgrade Forge in Valheim (Guide)

It is possible to upgrade the Forge six levels in total. And, players must craft new objects in order to reach each level. They also must then place them in close proximity to the Forge.

In addition to these items, we also have anvils, a forge cooler, a Smith’s Anvil, a tool rack for the forge, and grinding wheels and bellows.

The crafting recipes for these items must be unlocked by the player. They are usually unlocked through various activities within the game.

how to upgrade forge in valheim

Here is how to upgrade the Forge in Valheim.

How to Upgrade Forge in Valheim

A forge is an important craft station in Valheim. All of the armors and powerful weapons you’ll need after the early game can be crafted and upgraded using it.

Upgraded forges are required for certain armor and weapon upgrades. These upgrades can be made by leveling up the forge. Then, the Next, stronger versions of armor and weapons can be made.

We will discuss all of the Valheim forge upgrades today. We will also go over all the materials necessary for each type of upgrade.

Building the Forge

A forge needs to be built before it can be upgraded. After obtaining the first pickaxe, the player builds the forge. Some base metals are acquired at this point.

In the hammer’s building menu, the forge will be available to build once the player has acquired all the items needed for it. And, in the crafting menu, the forge is listed.

In order to craft the blackmetal axe item, the player must have a forge level of 4 as shown in the image above. As forge upgrades are used, more powerful weapons and armor become available.

Players can upgrade their items to even higher levels as they progress. As a result, they have better stats.

Upgrading the Forge

The Forge level can be increased by one by placing six different buildings around it. The order in which they are constructed does not matter.

Here are the items:

  • Forge Cooler: 25 Fine Wood, 10 Copper
  • Anvils: 5 Wood, 20 Bronze; crafted at the Workbench
  • Smith’s Anvil: 20 Iron, 5 Wood
  • Forge Toolrack: 15 Iron, 10 Wood
  • Forge Bellows: 5 Wood, 5 Deer Hide, 4 Chain
  • Grinding Wheel: 25 Wood, 1 Sharpening Stone

Players will need to find one of the following resources in order to unlock the crafting recipes for these buildings:

  • Forge Cooler: Copper and Fine Wood
  • Anvils: Bronze (crafted)
  • Smith’s Anvil: Iron
  • Forge Toolrack: Iron
  • Forge Bellows: Iron and Chain
  • Grinding Wheel: Stone Cutter and Sharpening Stone (crafted)

For the time being, players can only upgrade their Forge to Level 6 while Valheim is in Early Access.

Final Words

The majority of the items are easy to obtain. But, of the items, chains are the most difficult. As a random loot item, chain can be found in the sunken crypts of the swamp.

Alternatively, by defeating the Wraiths, which only appear at night in the swamp. This is a risky undertaking.

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