(EASY) How to Unlock the Camera in Valheim

Valheim is a beautiful game, there’s no denying that. But, graphically, the game isn’t as impressive as some other offerings on the market. Nonetheless, Valheim has an appealing aesthetic. The buildings are especially nice.

how to unlock the camera in valheim

And, if you unlock the camera in Valheim then you can get an amazing experience of its aesthetics.

How to Unlock the Camera in Valheim

The free camera will have to be enabled before you can use it. And, you must be an admin of the server you are playing on in order to cheat and use the freefly camera.

When you create the server, you will automatically be the admin. So, you do not need to worry if you are only playing a single player.

However, the server admin must grant you administrative rights through the command console if you are not the server admin, but still, wish to use the unlocked camera mode.

You will need to enable cheats first in order to use the unlocked flying camera. Use the F5 key on your keyboard to open the console and enable cheats. A gray console box should appear in the top half of your screen.

Now, you must type the command “devcommands” into the console to enable cheats in Valheim. Your command will be followed by the message “Cheats: True”. Now that you have the command/cheat, you are ready to unlock the camera.

Type in “imacheater” once again if you wish to turn off cheats. That will turn it back on.

Unlocking Camera Command

You can now unlock the camera in Valheim by using a command, once you have enabled cheats in your version of the game. Open the console once again with F5 to unlock the camera. Then type in ‘freefly’ to unlock it.

Activating this option will enable the free-flying camera. This will allow you to express your creative side in Valheim. And, this will allow you to be detached from your character right away.

You will now be able to control the camera directly instead of the character. It will still be possible to chat in-game. But, while your character is no longer under your control, enemies may spawn and you may still take damage.

So, you would need to enable the god mode cheat before or after enabling the unlocked camera if you want to make sure you won’t be killed while in the ‘freefly’ camera mode.

As an alternative, you could just put your character somewhere safe and inaccessible.

You can fly the camera wherever you want on the map. The world, however, begins to degenerate if you travel too far with it. As far as the player can see, only certain models and textures will be loaded.

You will notice that the majority of the world around the player has not been loaded at all after leaving the small radius around the player. The game would be unplayable on practically all PCs if the process and render the world map simultaneously.

So, you will need to have your character relatively close if you wish to explore an area.

Unlock Camera Settings

For the freefly camera, there are a few controls. The camera movements are similar to those of the character. To move forward, left, right, and back, use W,A,S,D. We will show you some advanced controls below.

  • Move Forward: W
  • Move Back: S
  • Move Left: A
  • Move Right: D
  • Snap to Character/Point: Left Click
  • Move Camera Up: Space
  • Move Camera Down: CTRL
  • Change Camera Speed: Mouse Scroll Wheel

As mentioned above, you can control the camera’s speed by using the scroll wheel of the mouse. Using the mouse to scroll upward will make the camera move faster while scrolling downward will slow it down.

You can lock onto a character or object using the left click of the mouse. The camera will follow the object as it moves. If you want to release it, click the left mouse button again.

By using console commands, you can also control the camera movement. It will appear more organic and sweeping if the camera is smoother.

You can type ‘ffsmooth‘ followed by a number into the console to enable smoothness. Or, enter “ffsmooth 0” in the console to disable the smooth camera.

Disabling HUD

In Valheim, the HUD can also be disabled. This stands for the heads-up display. Additionally, it incorporates the quick bar slots, health values, and stamina values, as well as other parts of the screen not included in the actual game world.

Press CTRL and F3 simultaneously to turn off the HUD. Or, press CTRL and F3 simultaneously to turn on the HUD.

HUD is hidden by default using these controls. You can check in-game control settings if these controls aren’t working and see if they were accidentally changed or if they have been updated.

Final Words

You can easily activate the fly camera using the method mentioned above. But do remember that you can only explore the areas nearby your character. And, for exploring more areas you will have to move your character accordingly.

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