Kenshi: How to Turn in Bounties

Kenshi is a squad-based RPG that offers free roaming. Instead of featuring a linear story, the game offers open-ended sandbox gameplay features.

how to turn in bounty in kenshi

Here is a guide on how to turn in bounties in kenshi.

How to Turn in Bounties in Kenshi

You turn in bounties to a police station or prison tower in Kenshi by taking NPCs with a bounty on their head. For each faction, you will need to go to the appropriate town and collect the NPC with the bounty.

You must take the bounty to the Police Station to speak with the Police Chief, for example, if the criminal is wanted by United Cities.

The first step to turning in a bounty is locating a character with a bounty on their head. The bottom left of the UI can be found by left-clicking on the character. Please refer to this guide’s ‘What are Bounties’ section and the sections below it if you are having trouble seeing the image.

A bounty on a character’s head should be noted with which faction it belongs. You cannot bring a character to justice at a police station in a town in the United Cities just because they have a bounty with the Shek Kingdom. You can go for the kill as soon as you have determined where the bounty can be turned in.

The character can be knocked unconscious through sneaking. You can increase your chances of success by raising your chosen character’s assassination skill level and increasing the target’s toughness level. It is possible to incapacitate or even kill the bounty by fighting them. Have a character pick up your enemy once you have successfully fallen them. Right-click on an unconscious enemy while selecting one of your characters.

Pick up a bounty in Kenshi using the right-click menu

right-click on the unconscious enemy

The bounty must be turned in once you have the dead/alive bounty in your hand. The criminal in this example is wanted by the United Cities, the faction that includes samurais in the city of Kenshi. You can turn him in at any Police Station located in a United Cities town. If you hold down the left control key on your keyboard, you will be able to highlight important locations within towns. In the image below, you can see what Kenshi police stations look like.

Here is the police station in Stoat, the town I’m playing in Kenshi.

Police station in stoat

In Kenshi, towns are randomly generated. Therefore, just because a Police Station appears now does not necessarily mean it will appear on the next playthrough. You should send your character with the bounty to the police station once you have found it.

The police chief in Kenshi, where you can turn in bounties

Police Chief

As soon as you enter the building, find the Police Chief. Whenever the police station is open, this character will be on duty. Upon selecting one, you will see a nametag that reads ‘Police Chief’ in the bottom left corner of the interface. The easiest way to locate this character is by selecting one of your characters and clicking over the NPCs. Police Chiefs are often the only ones you can interact with. You can start a dialogue with the Police Chief by right-clicking the character holding the bounty.

Talk to the police chief in Kenshi to turn in your bounty


You can also open the interaction menu by holding down the right click. The following guide will only focus on the ‘talk to’ option at the top, since it is a guide on how to turn in bounties.

You will be informed of the bounty by the police chief. The dialogue will differ depending on whether the target is alive or dead. To get your reward, select the option ‘Take him’ once they ask about the bounty. Select the bottom option or press number 2 on your keyboard if you decide to change your mind about bringing the criminal to justice.

Bounty Dialogue Kenshi

In exchange for handing over the bounty, you will receive a reward based on whether the bounty was captured alive or dead. Depending on the size of the bounty, catching a bounty will always boost your relationship with the faction. Kenshi’s bounties are great for earning extra cats and building relationships with factions.

What are Bounties?

Kenshi will randomly spawn in some NPC characters with a bounty attached. According to a certain faction, characters with a bounty on their heads have committed a crime.

This character must be presented to an authority figure in the faction to receive the bounty. The bounty may be brought in dead or alive.

However, you will only receive half of the reward if you bring in the bounty dead. The bounty might be worth 1000 cats, but you’ll receive 500 in that’s cenario.

Bounties on Player

By breaking the law within certain faction areas on the map, your own characters can get a bounty on their heads.

Among the many crimes punishable by law are trespassing on private property, assault, and kidnapping.

You will be unconscious and captured by peacemakers if you get a bounty on your head and they recognize you as a peacemaker. You will be imprisoned.

The length of time you will spend in prison depends on the bounty. It is possible that you may even be sold into slavery. If you are captured, you will remain there until you are released or escape.

Your bounty value will eventually decrease by staying away from towns long enough. But, if you receive more than 10,000 cats, your bounty will remain until you are caught and jailed.

Other Types of Bounties

In Kenshi, there are a few bounties for high-profile criminals. In towns and shops, you will find posters listing wanted criminals. You can also ask the police chief about bounty programs in the United Cities.

Sometimes they can provide you with information about high-profile targets. Your faction’s relationship with whomever you do a bounty for will rise when you bring these targets in.

The capture of some important figures in Kenshi could change the course of history. When a leader of a town or faction is captured, a new faction will destroy or even take over the town.

So, choose carefully which side you join.


Where do I turn in bounties for the holy nation?

Putting bounties in a cage will reward you with money. Gaining rep through bounties requires Greenlander males or Scorchlander.

Final Words

Now, you know how to turn in bounty after reading this article. Be sure to use this carefully otherwise, you yourself can become a bounty for others,


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