RimWorld Trade: A Super Simple How-to Guide for Trading

In Rimworld, trading plays an important role. You may need a few things to take your colony to the next level are sometimes all you need. And to get those, you will have to trade possibly.

how to trade in rimworld

So, let’s see about how to trade in rimworld.

How to Trade in Rimworld

Rimworld offers three ways to trade. Let’s take a look at them all.

Trading with Another Settlement using Caravan

A trade caravan can be set up to visit another settlement to make trades. But, before setting out on your caravan mission, include all of the items/silver you would like to exchange.

The process of reaching another settlement may take many days. And, you should settle relatively close to a large friendly base if you plan to trade frequently with another faction.

Your party will travel much faster if you have roads when you arrive at the desired location, select trade by right-clicking the settlement.

The weight of different items varies. You might purchase items that weigh more than your caravan’s total carrying capacity. Moving the caravan will not be possible if the capacity is exceeded.

If you need to move again, some items will need to be left behind. For heavy items, pack animals can also be used.

Trading with a Visiting Caravan

You may occasionally receive friendly or neutral trading caravans at your settlement. Trade caravans come in a wide variety of types with different items depending on what they are.

The next time a trade caravan visits your colony, look for the pawn with a yellow ‘?’ over their head. Choose one of your pawns. You can begin trade negotiations by right-clicking this pawn.

You will be trading with whichever pawn you selected. For best results, use the colonist who has the highest Social skill. When trading, they will receive the best prices.

Your colonist will appear with a menu once they have reached the trader. Not only does this display all of the traders’ items, it also displays your items in stockpile zones and storage units.

Traders have their own stock types. They only purchase certain items.

Trading using Comms Console

The Comms Console will be unlocked once you have researched the necessary level.

You will occasionally receive alerts when a trade ship passes by and can be contacted to begin trading once your Comms Console is powered up.

To begin negotiating, right-click a pawn in the Comms Console. If you are trading with orbital pawns, make sure that you choose the one with the highest Social stat.

As this will affect the price of every item, you are selling or buying.

You will need an Orbital Trade Beacon in your stockpile to sell your items using this method. Due to its limited area of effect, trade items can only be done within a few tiles of the Orbital Trade Beacon.

Direct connectivity between the beacon and the Comms Console is not necessary. However, it must remain powered during trading.

RimWorld trader types:

Trade caravans and ships in RimWorld have their own specialties, and they can not only buy and sell goods according to developing market prices, but they may also randomly increase or decrease prices:

  • Bulk Goods Trader – Besides buying and selling food and basic materials, Bulk Goods Traders also deals in clothing, furniture, and supplies.
  • Exotic Goods Trader – Deals in rare items such as televisions and bionic body parts that colonists can’t craft themselves.
    • Shaman Merchant – An Exotic Goods Trader, buying and selling unusual weapons and smokeleaves in Neolithic colonies.
  • Combat Supplier – Purchases and sells all types of weapons
    • War Merchant – Low-tech weapons, armor, and clothing are purchased and sold by this variant of the Combat Supplier for Neolithic colonies.
  • Slaver – Purchases and sells prisoners, drugs, and RimWorld’s life-saving medicine. A mood penalty will be imposed on all colonists who don’t have the Psychopath Trait when they sell prisoners to a slaver.

Players who want to trade frequently should build a Comms Console first, as orbital trade ships almost always have a larger stock of items for sale than caravans.


What is the simplest way to trade in RimWorld?

Trading in RimWorld is easiest when a trade caravan comes to a player’s colony. A colonist can trade with these caravans periodically by sending a message to the leader, who will be tagged with a yellow question mark. Caravans will drop items bought from them on the spot if they are interested in trading for anything stored in the colony.

Pro Tip: Whenever possible, players should send colonists with RimWorld’s best Social Traits and a high Social level since they will be able to get a better deal than average colonists.

How to Trade with Visitors?

A colonist starts a trade by contacting the lead trader. Visitors have pawns with yellow question marks “?” above them; select your trader, right-click the visitor, and select “Trade”. Your pawn will march out to meet your trader.

How do you trade with orbital traders in RimWorld?

If you wish to trade with Orbital traders, who are not physically present on any map, right-click the comms console and select the party. The Trade menu will appear when the two appear on the map (your colonist and trader or your colonist and communications console).

It is up to you whether you want to make a (partial) trade then or not, or close this menu and continue playing, then repeat the process later if you like.

Final Words

This is all about How to Trade in Rimworld. You will now be able to trade in Rimworld easily.

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