How to Teleport Players in Project Zomboid

Things have certainly gotten more interesting now that Project Zomboid’s multiplayer is finally available. Even the single-player zombie romp was tons of fun.

Of course, it’s even more fun when you’re playing with friends. But that does present one major challenge.

Because players sometimes have to learn server commands and complicated systems to run multiplayer games. In addition, the map is complex and large, so there are some challenges.

how to teleport players in project zomboid

The problem is finding players. Also, getting around the map and learning landmarks is a time-consuming process. Building names and default locations need to be learned, and that’s hard.

ASA meetings are often sought by players. So, shortcuts are often taken. But how can you find your friends once you’re both in the game?

Read on to find about it.

How to Teleport Players in Project Zomboid

You will need to use a command if you want to teleport other players. In the chat, type “/teleport “the name of the player you wish to teleport to” “the destination player”.

And, using the chat menu, you could, for example, teleport Peter to Greg by typing “/teleport Peter Greg”.

Note that the Case is important here. You should also include spaces between words. It is also required that you include spaces in the player’s name if they have any in their username.

And, instead of a character’s name, you would use the player’s name. Do not use quotation marks when entering the command.

Teleporting Single Player

A player can use single-player cheats and tools by using the dev tools in the game. The cheats are available in Build 41 as well. In this menu, there is a teleport option when you are playing single player without using a server.

Open the debug menu to teleport in Single Player mode. Next, select “Zombie Population”. It will open up another menu with a map showing where all the zombies are located around you.

Now, holding down the right-mouse button allows you to move around the map. You can also simply right-click on a location on the Zombie Population map and select ‘Teleport Here’ to teleport there.

When you choose a location, your character will teleport there. This includes teleporting into houses and buildings. And, by holding down the right mouse button, you can move around the map.

You can then zoom in and out of the Zombie Population map using the scroll wheel. But, the map is a bit difficult to navigate as it only shows buildings.

However, if you have an overall sense of the map’s layout, you can easily find your way around.

Final Words

This is all about how to teleport players in project zomboid. Do comment down your thoughts about this article. Thanks for reading.

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