How to Tame Wolves in Valheim (EASY)

We will explain how to tame wolves in this Valheim guide.

These dangerous creatures can become hunting companions with the right plan. It is even possible to breed wolves with more than one tamed.

how to tame wolves in valheim

So, let’s check out.

How to Tame Wolves in Valheim

The player must tame the wolf in order to own one. But, this is not an easy task. However, it is not impossible.

With the right strategies and information, players can turn this majestic creature into their ally and fight alongside them.

Things Required to Tame Wolves

A good plan and fearlessness are required when taming wolves in Valheim. You will need these items to begin taming wolves:

  • In the mountain biome, a good patch of land
  • The workbench
  • An enclosure for your wolves
  • Foods like raw meat
  • Time

For taming wolves, go to the mountain biome and build a workbench.

Whenever you prepare for your fight with Moder, you might want to set up a wolf pen nearby.

Since you have to summon the flying creature before the fight can begin

Putting up your wolf pack in the mountains is a good idea. The best place to find food and wood is in a mountain biome near a meadow or a black forest.

Build a workbench and gather plenty of wood once you’ve set up your wolf pen.

Taming the Wolf

You must now use yourself as bait after you’ve prepared yourself.

Make sure you have a minimum of 50 horsepower for this part or perform it fully equipped.

Grab the wolf’s attention by running towards it. You shouldn’t be affected by the freezing debuff if you’re there only for a few seconds.

Then rush back to your pen. It is beneficial here to use Eikthyr’s power, but not necessary.

As soon as you reach the platform, begin erecting the last stake wall to keep the wolf out.

At this point, it won’t be happy and will attempt to escape by attacking the walls.

Attempt to lure it with raw meat, then leave it. That should relax the wolf.

There will be golden hearts floating above the wolf. This signals the start of the taming process.

If it has access to meat, it will take approximately a day and a half to tame.

It is important to remember that if you leave the area, the taming process seems to stop.

Try staying nearby. It is a good idea to check on the stakewall from time to time and repair it as needed.

However, this will only make the wolf becomes agitated and begin to attack you again every time you approach.

When you have tamed the wolf, you can tell it to follow you or stay with you.

The latter command, however, will allow it to move within a specified radius of the location.

When you have two domesticated wolves, you can breed them.

You will have to feed them regularly so they remain content. And then leave them to their own devices.

Breeding the Wolves

You can breed two wolves if you manage to tame them in the same pen.

Keep your wolves happy by feeding them raw meat in their enclosure in order to encourage them to mate.

A burst of pink hearts will appear above the two wolves once they have become accustomed to each other.

As soon as that magical moment has passed, leave the wolf pen. You can return in a few game days.

It takes about a week for the wonders of childbirth to unfold in the game.

A wolf cub should be hanging out with its parents after you wait.

Try expanding the size of your pen if a wolf cub has not yet been born after a few days.

Wolves are usually prevented from giving birth by a small pen. Most often, the baby will be born as soon as there is enough room.

If wolves have a steady supply of raw meat and a large enough pen, they can continue breeding.

Final Words

This is how you can tame wolves in Valheim. They are very loyal companions. And, they will also provide a good amount of resources.

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