How to Tame Necks in Valheim (Guide)

In Valheim, you will encounter some weaker creatures when you first arrive. These creatures can provide you with food.

The Neck is an example of a creature with a neck tail that looks like a reptile. These are used for cooking and making meat.

how to tame necks in valheim

In this article, we will see about taming necks in valheim.

How to Tame Necks in Valheim

In Valheim, players can now tame necks and many other creatures thanks to a new mod created by a user on the Nexus Mods called buzz.

Even though, the most requested feature in Valheim is taming and breeding deer. But, for now, we are confined to these creatures.

AllTameable was the previous name of the mod which we will discuss today. Currently, it is called AllTameable with Hactable DragonEgg.

Additionally, it can hatch dragon eggs. Dragon eggs can be found in Valheim’s mountain biome.

Install the MOD

You must first go to the mod’s official Nexus Mods page. BepInEx mod files are also required. You must then start Valheim with all of these files properly installed in the game’s directory once you have them all.

After you have run the game as normal, you can access the console by pressing F5. Then, type /buzztame in the console.

The menu will appear where you can choose which animals and creatures will be able to be tamed. You can also choose what they will eat.

Here are the settings we used to add tameable necks to my game of Valheim. Our tame time was 300 minutes. We concluded that Raw Meat is the best food for taming them.

We made the Necks more commendable. This means that we can interact with them as we would with wolves.

When we opened the menu, most of the values were at their default settings. Then, simply click the Add button found at the top of the interface. Then, restart the game.

Next, open Buzztame again. After that, you’ll be able to play. From now on, every neck shows its status automatically, like a boar or wolf.

Final Words

Taming Necks in valheim is not possible currently without using a Mod, But, we hope that with future updates we will be able to tame them.

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