How to Tame Boars in Valheim (Complete Guide)

The following Valheim guide will show you how to tame boars in Valheim.

You may breed these enemies for resources by turning them into companions.

how to tame boars in valheim

Additionally, you may pet them. Boars can also breed if they are tamed and placed in the same pen.

How to Tame Boars in Valheim

Setup, patience, and time are necessary for taming boars in Valheim. If you want to make boars your friends, you will need the following:

  • A workbench on a flat surface
  • You will need a pen to house your boar
  • Foods like raspberries and mushrooms
  • Time

The pen you build for boars to hang out in will be necessary if you plan on taming them.

A workbench will also be needed.

Alternatively, you can set up something like a farm away from your workbench.

Before you start, check your map for a clearing with flat ground.

Then, make a new workbench once you’ve set up the boar pen.

Best Method for Taming Boars

A wooden Roundpole Fence is the most effective and easiest way to tame a boar in Valheim.

Just a dozen or so fences will do, it doesn’t need to be huge. And, you will need to lure the boar into the pen by leaving a gap.

As soon as you have built the pen, find a boar and have it attack you. Then run back into the pen.

When the boar follows you inside, jump over the fence.

Once you’ve placed a final fence piece, use your Hammer to close the gap and ensure the Boar can’t escape.

So, now the Boar has been captured, but how do you tame it?

Boars can be tamed by feeding them mushrooms, carrots, raspberries, or blueberries repeatedly.

And, if you’re low on carrot seeds, you can find them in the Black Forest biome.

By clicking the food in your inventory, you can throw any of these morsels onto the ground in front of the Boar. Just, click outside your inventory to throw it.

Wait for the Boar to eat the food thrown over the fence. As the boar feeds, yellow hearts will appear around it.

Walking up close to the Boar at this point will show you that it is “acclimatizing”.

There will also be a “Tameness” value showing how close the Boar is to being tamed.

Keep feeding until the percentage reaches 100% during the next few days. This will complete the taming of the boar.

How to Breed Boars in Valheim

When two boars are tamed together, they can be bred.

The first step is to ensure you have two tamed boars in a pen. Then, place food inside the pen to ensure they are happy and well-fed.

It won’t take long for the two boars to cuddle up to one another. Two boars will burst with pink hearts.

In a few days, a piggy should be born if this affection is shown. Usually, it won’t take more than one week.

In the event that you haven’t yet seen a piggy, expand the size of the pen. We found that increasing the pen’s size helped.

Piglets tend to be born quite quickly after boars begin breeding.

So, make your pen big enough to hold three or more boars, and you will start to see babies being born.

Boar Levels

In Valheim, different beasts and enemies have higher-level variants indicated by an additional gold star next to their health bar.

A higher level of enemy drops more loot when killed, and is tougher and stronger.

This knowledge can be used to your advantage by selectively breeding boars.

In order for you to have more high-level boars, and thus have more meat and leather:

Boars of the same level that breed will produce boars of the same level as their parents.

Meanwhile, breeding two boars of different levels result in the offspring being of a random level between their parents.

You can gradually get higher-level boars if you introduce one higher-level boar to the pen and tame it.

Then they will breed with each other for guaranteed boars of the same level.

Keeping Boars Healthy

Wild boars and tamed boars both eat mushrooms, carrots, and berries.

Also, regularly check your boar pen to see if any of them are hungry.

If they are, feed them. Without food, they will eventually starve to death.

You should therefore stay on top of your responsibilities.

Also, the proximity of fire will make wild and tame boars panic.

So, be sure to keep them far away from any kind of flame.

Final Words

Taming boars in Valheim is a good practice to gather resources like meat and other items.

This article would have surely helped you in knowing about taming these beasts.

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