How to Split Item Stacks in Valheim (Easy)

Valheim is a sandbox-style game with a large map, tons of things to collect, and a lot to build. It means that players will need to manage their inventory a lot, both fortunately and unfortunately.

how to split item stacks in valheim

Using inventory effectively means that shortcuts will have to be used to ensure that such interactions are as quick as possible. Splitting stacks is an example of such a shortcut.

How to Split Item Stacks in Valheim

The Tab key is used to open the inventory in Valheim, and the E key is used to open a chest when close to one. After selecting an item stack, hover over it to separate it. Then, click it while holding down Shift.

An item icon and a slider bar should be displayed in the Split Stack popup menu. Using the slider bar, players can control the number of items in each stack.

In the default setting, even numbers are rounded to the nearest half, and odd numbers are rounded to the nearest half. Clicking OK confirms the split amount.

The second stack can be placed in a blank slot in the player’s inventory to keep both stacks. The second stack, however, is likely to be placed elsewhere.

The second stack can be thrown away by clicking outside the inventory box. It could be picked up by a friend or eaten by a tamed animal. For safekeeping, the second stack can also be placed in a storage chest.

Holding down the Ctrl key while clicking the stack they wish to move allows players to move stacks between inventory and storage easily.

The same resources won’t always stack when the player picks up items on the way to a Viking’s gravestone and recovers the items the player lost in combat.

Separated stacks can be combined easily by the player. Click on one of the two-item stacks in inventory or a chest to do this. Then select the stack to combine it with.

There is a stack limit for the item in Valheim, however. So, avoid having to take an additional inventory or store leftovers.

Why to Split Item Stacks

Keeping both stacks is as simple as clicking on an empty spot in the inventory. The player will retain all of their objects. The stacks will remain separate.

Tossing away some of their inventory, sharing with others, and dropping food on the ground will allow players to feed tamed animals after clicking outside of the inventory.

It is even possible to submerge Valheim items in deep water and destroy them.

It is also very useful to store half of a stack in a wooden box or a box made from both wood and iron. This is found in the swamp biome of Valheim.

It is easy to move half stacks and full stacks between an inventory and a storage space by holding down the CTRL key as you click on the stack.

Learning to easily split stacks can help players with inventory weight management and ease of sharing since most players won’t want to carry whole stacks in their inventory.

But, thanks to Valheim’s developers, stack splitting has become easy and fast for its players.

Final Words

Now, you know about how to split item stacks in valheim. Comment down any queries below if you have.

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