How to Spawn a Spaceship in Valheim (Easily)

The Vikings of Valheim are jubilant. And, air travel has finally been discovered. A spaceship has finally been added to the game thanks to Valheim’s advanced aerospace development program.

how to spawn a spaceship in valheim

Below you will find instructions on how to spawn the spaceship in Valheim and a bonus item.

How to Spawn a Spaceship in Valheim

You will need to enable cheats in the game before you can spawn your very own rocket in Valheim. Several patches ago, this was changed a bit.

The command console must be enabled from the game’s launch options according to the patch 0.148.4.

Spawn Spaceship in Valheim

You are ready to spawn your own spaceship now that cheats have been enabled in the game. Press F5 on the keyboard to access the console.

And, enter the following command into the console now that it has been opened:

spawn tolroko_flyer

In your game console, enter the above console command followed by pressing enter.

When you press enter, a spaceship spawns in front of you. The spaceship is made of some reflective metal, as you can see from the pictures. The vehicle has a dash-mounted instrument panel and some type of thruster attached to its rear.

We do not know where this strange space technology came from or why it has been added to the game. It has been speculated that this asset was added by the developers to test the reflections in the game.

The ship does not have a complete mirror image reflection, but there is a large variety of reflective surfaces that supports this theory.

How to Fly Spaceship in Valheim

The device can clearly be seen to have a cockpit when you spawn it. However, you cannot interact with it at all. It is not possible to sit on the vehicle or move it with any of the keys.

The vehicle can however be pushed. It also has its own physics. The vehicle can also move around the landscape.

Also, keep in mind that a player is sometimes thrown pretty fast with their vehicle when pushing against the spaceship.

Final Words

This is all about spawning a spaceship in Valheim. Do comment if you managed to successfully spawn a spaceship in Valheim. Thanks for reading this article.

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