How to Smelt Black Metal Scrap in Valheim

During the exploration of the Plains biome in Valheim, players can obtain Black Scrap Metal by killing Fulings. And, if you get hold of Black Scrap Metal for the first time, you might also want to try smelting it.

how to smelt black metal scrap in valheim

But, the Smelter won’t be able to process this late-game metal. So, to begin processing it, you’ll have to do some work. Continue reading to find out.

How to Smelt Black Metal Scrap in Valheim

You’ll first need to construct a Blast Furnace in Valheim before you can smelt Black Metal. And, Moder must be defeated before you can do that.

After that, craft an Artisan table. Smelting your Black metal scrap is as simple as interacting with your Blast Furnace once you have built it.

Fuling enemies can provide you with Black Metal Scrap. The only way to obtain this scrap is from Fulings, Fuling Berserkers, Fuling Shamans, and their chests. There is no way to mine it.

Hearth and Home are not complete without the Blast Furnace. Your Blast Furnace will require some older resources in addition to the Dragon Tears and Wood that you need for your Artisan Table.

A total of 20 Stone, 5 Surtling Cores, 10 Iron, and 20 Fine Wood are required. You can smelt metals extremely quickly in this massive structure. But, this thing can only smelt Flametal Ore and Scraps.

In order to upgrade your inventory, you need ore. Blackmetal weapons and shields are essential to advance further into the game. To create and upgrade every Black Metal item, you will need 358 Black Metal.

Final Words

This is all about finding and smelting black metal scrap. You can now begin gathering Black Metal Scrap and crafting new weapons and shields after you have mastered how to smelt them. However, Black Metal doesn’t yet have any armor associated with it.

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