How to Sit in Valheim (Ground, Boats, Furniture)

Steam gamers and Twitch viewers alike have been captivated by the game Valheim. As, a survival game, it combines exploration and building elements.

how to sit in valheim

Viking culture is also very popular right now, which is quite popular right now. And, we’re guessing you’re confused about how to sit in Valheim if you’re here. It’s easy.

How to Sit in Valheim

In the game, emotes are largely used for interactivity within the multiplayer mode. But, they can be used for roleplaying and silent communication. Only “sit” stands out here. Hence, it has a purpose.

Near a campfire, the player will gain a bonus called the rested bonus if they are well-rested. As long as this bonus is active, skill experience will be gained at a faster rate for every skill the player has.

And, as long as this bonus remains active, the player will gain experience 50% faster. No complaints here.

So what’s the connection? Lighting a fire and settling down next to it is the easiest way to rest your character.

Additionally, you will gain experience faster as well as regenerate health and stamina faster.

In addition to looking cool, you will gain more experience sitting down.

How to Sit on Ground in Valheim

The X key on your keyboard allows you to sit directly on the ground. X will have your character sit on the ground so long as you haven’t changed the controls.

You can also use the in-game chat to use an emote command to sit down. Press the ENTER key to open up the chat box in-game. Then, type “/sit” into the chat box. As with using the X key, this will cause your character to sit down.

How to Sit on Furniture in Valheim

Decor isn’t the only purpose of furniture. It is possible to sit down on the stools and chairs you place down, and even increase your comfort level.

The chairs and stools must be crafted and placed down before you can sit on them. Whenever they have found a good spot in your base, you just have to walk over to them.

Press E to interact with them. When you get close enough to the object you will be prompted to do this.

Having the hammer equipped prevents you from sitting or interacting with any objects.

Your comfort level will increase if you use furniture, and you will therefore have more time to benefit from the rested bonus.

How to Sit Down in Boats in Valheim

On boats, you can sit down which will help you keep your feet on the ground. The benches that are available for you to sit on will be on the second and third boats you can craft in the game.

There is space to seat several Vikings in the Karve. In large groups, however, a Longship might be appropriate. The driver and passengers can both sit comfortably in it.

Final Words

Valheim is a very popular game currently. And, players want to use every other feature to imporve their gameplay. We hope that you now know about sitting down in Valheim.

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