How to Shout in Project Zomboid (Guide)

Project Zomboid is filled with zombies everywhere. And, these zombies are after your brains. As a result, they have a number of different senses at their disposal to find the unfortunate survivor.

The good news is that you can use some of them to distract your enemy. Shouting is one such capability.

how to shout in project zomboid

Here’s how to shout in project zomboid to distract zombies.

How to Shout in Project Zomboid

In the game, you can yell by pressing the Q key. A message will appear above the character when you shout.

And, zombie characters in the general vicinity of the location where you shout will move toward the location where you shouted. Since zombies are attracted to loud sounds, this will draw them to you.

You will attract zombies to that area once you shout. And, it depends on whether they can also see you. In that case, they will chase the character down. In other words, don’t let them see the player if you don’t want them to go after you.

When the player uses the Q key to shout, many different random shouts appear above their heads. Also, the shouts are all the same, so there is no difference between them.

Uses of Shouting

There may be some among you who wonder what good a button that leads your enemies directly to your position is. Actually, shout action has quite a few good applications.

We will discuss a few of the best uses for yell commands to give you a better idea of why learning them is important.

Leading Zombies to a Fire Trap

The zombies are flammable. So, it is possible to light zombies on fire by building campfires.

The player can quickly dispatch a large group of zombies by setting up a campfire at a location and calling them over to walk over it. Start the fire.

Then simply stand close to it. And, shout until the zombies appear.

Leading zombies away from Friendlies

There’s a good chance that at some point one of you will get overwhelmed when you’re playing multiplayer with a friend.

An individual can actually save someone’s life if they’re getting closed in on a building by shouting and leading the zombies away.

Also, when there is a large group of zombies and you want to break them up a bit, this comes in handy.

To Clear Buildings

Wouldn’t it be better if the enemy could only come from one direction if you were clearing a building? The front door of a building is an ideal place to stand. If no one is home, you can use a yell.

While exploring larger buildings, this will keep you from being creeped out. Always have someone watch your back. In addition, the noise will also attract zombies outside.

How to Use the Car Horn

Additionally, there is a vehicle horn equivalent to shouting. While inside a vehicle, pressing the Q key will sound the car’s horn.

It functions similarly to shouting. It is, however, a lot louder. You will therefore draw zombies from a lot further away from your location.

Other special vehicles, such as police cars and ambulances, are also equipped with sirens that work in a similar manner. It’s like shouting in the apocalypse. So, use it to your advantage.

Final Words

If you like to use good tactics while playing games then learning about shouting in project zomboid is definitely going to be super helpful for you. Do comment down any special tips that you use while playing.

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