How to Set a New Spawn Point in Valheim

See how big the world is by opening the world map and zooming out all the way. So, you will have to establish a few outposts and shelters throughout the map.

how to set a new spawn point in valheim

You can use this guide to set respawn points in each of those outposts and shelters in Valheim.

How to Set a New Spawn Point in Valheim

Video games have spawn points that allow characters to respawn after being defeated or start over after they are eliminated.

The practice is especially common in survival crafting games such as Valheim. In these games, spawn points play a key role, and all are completed in a similar manner.

It may be as simple as that, right? Not Really.

When it comes to creating a bed and spawn point in Valheim, there are a few things you need to know.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build a cozy little room to start your adventure over again once you’ve ‘eventually’ died.

Finding Resources

You will need to collect the materials needed to build your spawn point before you can start crafting. Here are some materials you’ll need:

  • Having enough wood to burn
  • To build with a hammer
  • A place to build
  • Stones for a campfire
  • Beginning the building process with a workshop

Build a Workshop

For anything to be constructed in Valheim, a workshop must be built and placed. The workshop is one of the requirements for building certain items and constructions.

This is visible at the bottom of the build UI. Once you have the necessary materials for a workshop, you will see a large circle around the workshop when you try to place it.

The Workshop can be built in this area, as well as used.

Building a Shelter

First, you could build a shelter or a bed. We must build a shelter because one of the requirements of sleeping in a bed is having a roof over it.

Building a Bed

After your shelter is standing, you need to build your bed. Go and collect some more wood if you used more wood than you bargained for. It will take 8 units of wood to build a bed.

It is important to build your bed underneath the roof of your hut/building/shack. After you have built the bed, it is almost time to go.


You’re close to using the bed properly once you have it. You will be informed on the screen that you need to have a burning Campfire nearby if you attempt to sleep in your bed.

If you select your Hammer and go back to the building menu, you can build a Campfire. Choose the ‘Misc’ tab on the building menu. Select Campfire from the list. Set it near the bed.

But, it is only effective for a limited radius around the bed. So, make sure you don’t step on it in Valheim since you can catch fire.

Setting Spawn Point

The final step is to set your spawn point after you have completed all the above steps. Now that everything has been built, move into your comfortable bed and press the ‘E’ key by default.

The bed will become the spawn point. Once you die or are defeated in battle, you will wake up here.

Final Words

Putting a campfire near boss altars and small huts near respawn points is a cheesy method to utilize respawn points.

Because saving time on loading times from portals is important for boss fights, it is applicable to all bosses.

You can utilize the corpse run buff once you respawn near a boss after taking all the items from your corpse. You receive insane damage reduction, stamina consumption reduction, and regeneration similar to Wolverine.

You can only be killed by a monster that is a tier higher if it 1-shots you. When you die, you can use the corpse run buff every time you die if you have the appropriate equipment for the boss fight.

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