How to Run in Project Zomboid (Guide)

Are you finding that Project Zomboid’s Build 41’s zombie apocalypse is a bit slow? Would you like to move around the map more quickly? Look no further.

You will learn how to jog and sprint in Project Zomboid over here. And, in addition to speeding up the travel time when traveling, this guide will also provide some other tips.

how to run in project zomboid

Let’s begin.

How to Run in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, there are two ways to run. You can by default, hold down Left Shift to jog. By doing so, your character will run a bit faster.

Your character will also jump over obstacles like low fences automatically. For that, press the Left ALT key on your keyboard when moving to go into a full sprint.

Despite this post-apocalyptic wasteland, there are some things to take into consideration. Your character will make a lot more noise when you run at either of the two faster speeds.

So, zombies will have an easier time finding you. You should also consider the health of your character.

You will tire your character out faster by using the sprint mechanic. The player’s character will gain fitness as they run, but they will not start outfit enough to run a marathon.

So, make sure you sprint only when you have to. The quickest way you can end this character’s journey is to get caught in a group of enemies when very exhausted.

Sprinting with the ALT key has another negative side. If you aren’t careful, your character can sustain injury. You are also more likely to fall over and sustain an injury if you sprint into a wall or through dense foliage.

Basically, you would expect what would happen if you run full speed into a wall.

Speed Up Time

While playing Project Zomboid, you may have noticed that you can speed up and pause the time at any time. Five different settings for adjusting game speed are available in the upper right corner of the UI.

And, these settings can be changed by clicking them. It is also possible to speed up or slow downtime by using the hotkeys.

These are the default keybindings:

  • Pause: F2
  • Normal Speed: F3
  • Fast Forward x1: F4
  • Fast Forward x2: F5
  • Fast Forward x3: F6

The pause menu can be accessed to change these controls. Next, go to the key bindings settings. While moving around, if you try to speed up time, you will find that the game will, by default, go back to the original speed setting.

In case you don’t plan on touching any controls while reading and crafting, speeding up the time will make the process go faster. The time can be sped up when you are moving, however.

Click on the area of the map you want to walk to and the time will speed up at the same time when you right-click.

And, by doing so, you can speed up the time and have the character walk at the same time while walking toward a destination.

With the right-click button, you can walk around a map and select an area in a shorter amount of time. This means you can spend more time cooking and fishing.

You can choose the fast-forward option that fits your needs by using this method. So, whenever a zombie comes in contact with your character, the game will automatically slow down to normal speed.

If you don’t have a vehicle yet, you’ll love this one.

Use a Car

The player is also able to travel around the map more quickly by car in Project Zomboid. Players will find and operate a variety of vehicles in Knox County.

In addition, the game features an extensive vehicle customization and operation system. But, besides finding a car in the right shape for driving, you’ll also need gas for the vehicle to keep moving.

So, make sure you drive a fuel-efficient car since you will use fuel as you drive.

Across the map, traveling by vehicle is very convenient. And, using a vehicle will be a great way to get around. However, getting one in working order can be a bit of a challenge, and finding a key for the car can also be challenging.

But, as long as you drive carefully, though, it will only require occasional gas maintenance once it is locked down. Vehicles are also excellent storage containers.

Run Fast by Upgrading Skills

Project Zomboid offers a wide variety of skills for most of the game’s tasks. You will also earn experience even if you choose to run around in the game randomly.

Sprinting is a skill you will gain experience in when you run in the game. You can run faster and farther in the game without getting tired if you have a higher level of this skill.

Training these skills will allow you to create characters who don’t run out of breath very often. Isn’t that great?

Sprinting will improve your sprinting skill as you gain experience. A character’s bonus will increase with each level in this skill.

The fitness skill is also acquired by sprinting. And, by doing so, you will improve the overall fitness of your character. You will also be able to perform physical activities longer without becoming exhausted.

Final Words

Finding out how to move quickly in Project Zomboid is challenging. But, this article should have helped you.

You can level up your running and fitness skills and jog around on foot. Alternatively, you can also use a vehicle to get around quickly.

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