How to Run Faster in Valheim (Very Easy)

In Valheim, you have two main options for speeding up. The first is to sprint by holding down the Left Shift key. And, gaining more levels in Run skills will allow you to sprint faster.

how to run faster in valheim

Following are some tips and tricks for moving and exploring quickly in Valheim.

How to Run Faster in Valheim

Sprinting is significantly faster than jogging, so players can use the sprint key to move quickly. You can sprint by holding down the left shift key.

But, as you sprint, your character’s stamina will be depleted. So, sprinting is a natural way to move faster since you’ll be able to move faster with more stamina.

In addition, most players do not realize they can move faster by sheathing the weapon in their hands.

By default, pressing the R key sheathes or puts your weapon on your back by default. And, this allows you to move faster.

How to Raise Skill Level

The player can choose from a wide variety of skills in Valheim. With the sprint mechanic, a player can determine how fast they can move with one of these skills.

For that, click the menu button. And, by clicking on the symbol that looks like three triangles stuck together, you will be taken to the skills list.

Here you will find all the skills you have access to, as well as how much experience you have with each skill. Our focus is on the Run skill.

You can see a brief description of each skill by hovering over the name of each skill. The description of the run skill reads, “When running, your speed and stamina are drained.”

When your character levels up this skill, their sprinting speed increases. And, this happens when you hold down the left shift button. Moreover, it lowers the stamina needed for sprinting.

And, increasing this skill is as simple as running around. So, whenever you use the sprint function, a small amount of run skill will be gained.

Using a Teleporter

When it comes to fast travel around Valheim, portals will be your best friend. Basically, in the beginning, players will have to travel on foot.

And, after reaching the Bronze Age, players can create as many portals as they desire. But, you will have to beat Eikthyr, the game’s first boss, before you can reach the Bronze Age.

When Eikthyr falls, the player enters the Bronze Age. He or she will be on his or her way to creating portals. But, to mine ores and farm wood, they’ll need a Pickaxe and a Bronze Axe. They’ll also need:

  • Fine Wood (20)
  • Greydwarf eyes (10)
  • Surtling Cores (2)

Greydwarfs are abundant in the Black Forest, where players will find themselves. Now, take their eyes and slay them.

And, this is also a great opportunity for players to mine copper and tin from the Black Forest for bronze weapons and armor. This is the classic ‘two gray dwarfs, one sword’ scenario.

But, the most important thing you’ll need is a Bronze Axe. You can farm fine wood in the Black Forest by cutting down Birch and Oak Trees with the Bronze Axe.

In the Swamp biome, players will need to collect two Surtling Cores from Surtlings. The player will be able to craft a portal once they have gathered the necessary resources.

And, these portals will be linked together. This means you should place them near multiple houses, encampments, and areas where you farm materials.

Final Words

This is all about How to Run Faster in Valheim. It is a very cool and time-saving skill to have. So, make sure to do some sprints and upgrade your skill.

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