How to Rotate Blocks in 7 Days to Die? [Easy Guide]

By default, you can rotate blocks on your keyboard using the X key. The blocks will be rotated along the Y-axis. Hold the R key on your keyboard while building to open up the advanced rotation menu.

Here’s more about How to Rotate Blocks in 7 Days to Die.

How to Rotate Blocks in 7 Days to Die

In 7 Days to Die, building a base is essential. And, in 7 Days to Die, enemies become more aggressive and fast during the night.

Therefore, staying indoors at night is a must. Additionally, if you are not well prepared, you may not only lose much of your vision but also die.

Every few nights, depending on the settings for the server, there will be a blood moon, which will attract large numbers of undead to your location.

So, if you don’t have a well-built base you’re not going to have a very good chance of surviving.

A voxel-based building design similar to Minecraft allows you to build a wide variety of different things. There are different kinds of blocks and materials to choose from.

The possibilities with blocks go far beyond the simple building. You can put up angled roof tiles, furniture, and so much more.

Getting the building blocks to align or rotate is one of the most frustrating aspects of building in 7 Days to Die. Fortunately, after you get the hang of it, rotating blocks in 7 Days to Die is quite easy.

Rotating Blocks in Console

On your console, you can also rotate blocks seven days in a row to die. When playing a game on the Xbox One, you can rotate a block using the ‘Right Trigger’.

Press ‘Left Trigger’ to place the block once you’re satisfied with its position.

With the PS4, you rotate blocks similarly to how you would do so on the Xbox One. The Dual shock 4 controller’s R2 button can be used to rotate blocks on the PS4. Use the L2 button to place the block.

Rotating Blocks in PC

In 7 days to die how to rotate blocks? the X key is used by default to rotate a building block. In this case, we’ll rotate it horizontally.

If you want to rotate or move your building objects more advanced, hold down the R key. This will bring up a menu.

7 days to die building controls
Rotate a building block on PC

If you rotate blocks and build products that way, you will have a greater variety. The same applies to furniture.

Can you block in 7 days to die?

How to block in 7 days to die? There is a Block Damage stat on all weapons (including unarmed combat using your Fists), which determines how much damage will be applied to a block when you hit it. In the Character Menu or Crafting Menu screen, you can view a weapon’s Block Damage stat by inspecting it in the inventory panel or toolbelt.

Final Words

By following the steps above, you will be easily able to rotate blocks in 7 days to die. Comment down any query if you have any. Thank you for reading:)

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