How to Repair Tools and Armor in Cryofall

Crafting survival game players are accustomed to the idea of item durability. The ax we just crafted may be awesome, but it won’t last forever just because we’ve ground enough materials to make it.

Items in Cryofall have durability as well. Over time, things will wear down and break. And, this does not only apply to weapons and tools, but also armor.

how to repair tools and armor in cryofall

But, in Cryofall, however, weapons and armor can be repaired. Let’s see How to Repair Tools and Armor in Cryofall.

How to Repair Items in Cryofall

We will need a Tinker table in order to repair items. This is where we can input two broken items of the same type. Duct tape can then be used to repair them.

Firstly, the table can simply be opened up. Everything can then be placed inside. After that, the table can be repaired.

Our character’s Maintenance skill determines how much the item will be repaired. Here’s everything you need to know about creating and using the Tinker table.

We have a lot of steps to follow to get the materials to craft our items, so this guide is longer than usual.

We’ll start by unlocking the table. Then, we’ll make the materials to repair our armor and weapons. You’ll see what we’ll need to repair them yourself.

Unlocking and Creating a Tinker Table 

Cryofall’s Tinker table serves as our workbench where we will repair all of our items. Almost all of our items can be recycled, so it is unlocked pretty early in the game.

The tinker table can be unlocked by selecting Construction from the technologies menu. We can find the blueprint for constructing our own Tinker table here.

Using the tinker table to unlock the Duct tape item is also possible, as shown above. It is a very useful material when repairing items.

We will place the blueprint on the table once we have researched the Tinker table. Then, use a tool from the toolbox to build it.

For the Tinker table, we’ll need 50 wooden planks and five steel ingots. The right mouse button can be used to interact with the bench once the table is built to repair items.

Now, on the tinker table, we see that each repair will require one roll of duct tape.

Crafting Duct Tape in Cryofall

You will need duct tape to repair our things. Every time we do a repair, the duct tape runs out. The tinker table and your character’s inventory will not allow you to make duct tape.

Those will need to be done at the workbench. When we are just starting out, it can be difficult to create a unit of duct tape.

Here are the items we will need, as you can see in the image below:

  • 5 thread
  • 5 Paper
    1 Glue

To keep things simple, we’ll go over how to make these items quickly.

Thread can be crafted by bringing fibers to a workbench. Simply, select a thread from the menu.

Fresh water and wood logs are combined to make paper. Using the campfire or cooking stove, we can boil murky or salty water to get fresh water.

We will need sulfur powder, water, and bones, which can be collected from animals, to create glue. And, even creating duct tape for our items can prove difficult, as we have seen.

We will also need two of the same item, as well as duct tape, in order to complete the repair. The item and the duct tape will be consumed during this process.

Putting It Together

The tool we need, a unit of duct tape, and a tinker table are all half-broken versions of the same tool or weapon. The repair of items in Cryofall is really that difficult.

Unfortunately, there isn’t another great way to repair items yet in the game. We don’t see this method as very useful. The first weapon can’t be repaired until we make a second.

Then, we can use both weapons up until their durability is low. It might be useful for reducing inventory space. So, every time you repair, we’ll get rid of a tool.

Final words

Cryofall has an improved method for repairing tools and armor. And, it’s possible this mechanic will be altered in the future.

Google search results are full of angry and confused people about repairing Cryofall. It may be left to the modders to deal with this one.

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