How to Refill Oil Lamp in Cryofall (Easy)

In Cryofall, the oil lantern is an excellent way to light your way through the darkness. Our view can be a little hazy when night falls. Our character can see further into the night if he uses an oil lantern as a light source.

There is one thing that isn’t explained in the game, however, and that is how to refill the oil lantern.

how to refill oil lamp in cryofall

In this short guide, we will learn how to refill oil lamp in Cryofall.

How to Get Oil Lamp

Oil lamps have to be purchased first before they can be refilled. We have to unlock the oil lamp research blueprint before we can make our very own oil lamp.

The oil lamp research blueprint must be unlocked, just like all the other items in the game. By pressing the G key, you will be able to open the technology screen which will show you how to create this blueprint.

There are several groups available now. Go to Tier 1 research to unlock the oil lamp. Select the industry tree. Several different research items will appear.

The tree’s bottom left side has the research for crafting the oil lamp. We must first learn the recipe that came before one of these blueprints.

If we want to make an oil lamp we’ll need to learn the three recipes that come before it.

These are the benches, furnaces, and glasses recipes. Having learned them, we are now able to craft an oil lamp once they have been discovered.

Crafting an Oil Lamp

We are now capable of crafting an oil lamp. In order to make one and gather materials, we just have to follow a few steps. We’re essentially going to have to reinvent everything that came before it.

It will be necessary, for example, to have a workbench in order to assemble the lamp.

In order to make the oil lamp, we’ll also need raw glass and copper ingots. As a result, we will need a bench and a furnace to work on.

It’s also important to remember that you’ll have to gather all of the materials we will need. To do this, we will have to go mining for copper. When the copper is mined, we will process it in the furnace.

Sand and ash will also be needed. Below this paragraph are two links for your convenience. Click here to find out where to get ash.

We can use it to find some beaches near your location. Sand, which is needed to make glass, can be found on Cryofall’s beaches.

How to Make Oil Lamp

Now, we’ll show you how to make a lamp out of nothing by following a simple step-by-step guide. You’ll need these materials:

  • Become familiar with the crafting blueprints up until the oil lamp
  • Building a Workbench and Furnace
  • You will need copper ore, sand, and wood for burning (preferably twigs)
  • Copper should be melted into bars. Ash should also be removed as a byproduct
  • Glass can be made in the forge with the sand and ash
  • At the workbench, make a bottle out of the glass
  • Come to the workbench with your copper and bottle. Create a lamp with it.

In the beginning, your lamp will be completely out of fuel. We will cover how to refuel and fuel your oil lamp in the next section of this guide.

Refill the Oil Lamp in Cryofall

Cryofall requires you to create some camp fuel in order to refill the oil lamp. It is made by burning animal fats on a campfire.

Take the camp fuel you make from burning animal fats into your inventory. You can refill your oil lamp with camp fuel by pressing the R key while your oil lamp is equipped.

You can refill your oil lamp with each unit of camp fuel. It will require three units to fill it up to 99%.

You will receive one unit of oil lamp fuel for every two units of animal fat you consume. So, when you are on a hunting trip and taking inventory, keep that in mind.

When defeated, some animals do not drop any animal fats whatsoever. Boars, turtles, and wolves drop fat.

Final Words

There’s nothing more to it than that when it comes to refilling an oil lamp using camp fuel. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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