How to Reduce Panic in Project Zomboid (Guide)

Beta-blockers or getting out of danger will be the only two methods available to players to calm their fears in Project Zomboid.

And, players who take beta-blockers will have a lower panic level and will feel less panic when they’re around zombies.

The player will also stop panicking if he or she gets away from zombies. Drinking alcohol and sleeping can also reduce panic.

And, it is possible for players to wake up with high panic if they sleep with the panic moodle. Due to this, removing panic as soon as possible is a good idea.

how to reduce panic in project zomboid

Here’s more about how to reduce panic in project zomboid.

How to Reduce Panic in Project Zomboid

There is a mode called Panic in the game. Positive as well as negative moods are available. But, this mode is definitely going to be negative.

And, project Zomboid has four different stages of panic, each with its own debuff. The first stage of panic always begins for all. And you will gradually develop it further if you expose your character to more things that cause panic.

Also, when your character gets panicky, their shooting accuracy and vision will be reduced.

The four stages of panic are as follows, with their tool-tips in-game;

  • Slight panic: “Do your best to remain calm”
  • Panic: “Accuracy Reduced”
  • Strong Panic: “Accuracy Severely Reduced”
  • Extreme Panic: “Accuracy and Vision Severely Reduced”

Your character will get more stressed the more they are exposed to situations that cause panic. And, their accuracy and vision will deteriorate as they progress through the levels.

Why Players Get Panicked in Project Zomboid

During the play-through of Project Zomboid, the player may get panicked for many different reasons. And, when surrounded by a large number of zombies, characters are bound to become extremely frightened.

A player is also going to panic more if there are a lot of zombies in close proximity to them. This is especially true when one suddenly appears in close proximity to the player. Just, imagine coming around a corner and seeing a zombie right in front of you.

Other factors may contribute to a player getting panicked often. When the player is tired or hungry or has not gotten enough sleep, they are more likely to panic at the sight of an enemy.

But, the games are filled with many different characteristics. And, characters can become more or less panicked as a result of having some of these traits applied to them.

Traits Affecting Panic

As you create a character, you should balance positive and negative traits to make sure you spend the right amount of points on them. A character’s positive and negative traits can affect how likely they are to succumb to panic.

In the following, we list all of the Project Zomboid traits that can affect panic.

Positive Traits

A person with these traits is less likely to panic. In other words, the player is less likely to panic.

There is also a trait that can be obtained when you select the Veteran occupation, along with the regular traits. This trait negates panic completely.

Adrenaline Junkie

“Moves faster when highly panicked”

For role-players or those seeking an interesting run, this is a fun trait to get. As soon as the player becomes panicked, they become the Adrenaline Junkie and move a lot faster.

Taking this advantage is useful when trying to flee from a large group of enemies.


“Less prone to becoming panicked”

Taking this trait will make a character less susceptible to panic, as can be seen from the in-game description. In the presence of a few zombies, your character won’t immediately become frightened.

Despite this, you will still have trouble handling large groups without panicking.


“Does not reach a state of panic”

The player will not experience any panic whatsoever in the game if they choose the Veteran occupation/past. For the most part, this is a good choice. Because it completely removes the negative moodlet from the game.

However, you should be aware that bringing together the desensitized state and the veteran will not serve any purpose. Both are somewhat contradictory.

Negative Traits

Additionally, there are a number of traits that negatively affect the panic mechanic. The panic system does not seem to affect the combat ability of many players.

It allows you to spend more points on the stronger traits by taking these negative traits. And, selecting any of the traits will make panic worse.

Alternatively, the player might become panicked in situations outside of general zombie and death encounters.

But, if the player is playing like a veteran character, then none of these negative aspects will be available to them.


“Especially prone to becoming panicked”

Characters with cowardly traits tend to panic in regular situations much more easily. Otherwise, there aren’t any significant problems.


“Gets panicked when indoors”

Claustrophobia is a fear of close spaces. When characters with this trait spend a great deal of time indoors, they will become more panicked.

As the game progresses and your character becomes more accustomed to the world, panic will become less frequent. You will gradually become less panicked as the game goes on.

This is a tricky one at the beginning. And, this is because you will spend a lot of time looting and such. So, pack a tent if you plan on doing this playthrough.


“Gets panicked when outdoors”

This one will resonate with many people. The player’s panic level will rise as they spend more time outdoors. After returning indoors, the character will start to relax again.

Especially if you have to travel often and don’t have a base set up, this can be an inconvenience. This trait doesn’t make the player panic in cars.


“Panic when performing first aid on self, cannot perform first aid on others, gets stressed when bloody.”

Again, this is not a good trait to have. Fear of blood and gore is not a good trait to have. The last thing you want when the apocalypse comes is to be cynical.

And, you cannot perform first aid on others at all, which is one of the biggest downsides to this trait. If you plan to play Project Zomboid cooperatively, that will annoy your friends.

All of those traits can influence panic gain and reduction. Next, let’s discuss what your character should do if they panicked. This will help you survive throughout the game.

Reducing Panic Attacks in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, you can manage stress in three different ways. And, as a veteran, you are immune to panic’s effects.

Leave the situation and find a safe place to stay for a while. Alternatively, you can play for a long time to keep the panic at bay. Below, we’ll discuss each of these strategies.

Wait Out the Panic in a Safe Location

When your character begins to panic, the best thing to do is to leave. If you have previously cleared it out, head to the safe house or another location on the map.

You can also reduce how quickly your character becomes panicked by making sure they’ve slept well. Tired and edgy survivors are twitchy and tense.

So, get plenty of rest. And, keep an eye out for the undead. A mild panic at the first level is likely to leave you with no noticeable changes. But, once the panic gets really bad, the character becomes a real issue.

Start a Veteran Character with the Desensitized Trait

Veteran jobs come with the added bonus of desensitized skills. If that is the case, panic is completely removed from the game.

Due to their previous combat experience, veterans are more likely to handle any situation without panicking.

Survive Long in The Game

Your character will get less panicked as the game progresses. Your character’s survival rate depends on how many days you have survived in-game.

And, you will realize that the game is different after waiting a few months. For example, the panic mechanic becomes easier.

The character will gradually lose sensitivity to the events in the game as they are exposed to so many of them.

It won’t be harder for your character to panic because of the game values. However, it will only decrease the amount of time your character takes to get back to normal.

And, even after one year in a game, your character will still get frightened if they see a zombie around the corner. However, they will calm down much quicker.

The Panic debuff almost instantly vanishes after 2 in-game months for many players once they leave the panic-inducing situation.

Final Words

Panic in Project Zomboid is certainly a very big factor that can either deteriorate or enhance your gameplay. And, this article will surely help in doing the latter.

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