Valheim: How to Put Shields and Weapons on Back

Valheim players will be happy to learn that they can place their shield onto their backs by simply pressing one key.

how to put shields on back in valheim

Here’s more about how you can do it.

How to Put Shields and Weapons on Back in Valheim

Players can equip any weapon or shield they have on their back by pressing the R key. Releasing the item from your hands is as simple as pressing the r key again.

By default, sheathing is assigned the ‘r’ key. You can also open the options menu by pressing the ESC key if this doesn’t work in your game. Make sure you look at the controls tab.

In this post, we will cover some of the misconceptions and questions surrounding sheathing weapons and shields.

Does Sheathing Weapons Make the Character Fast?

There are some people who believe that holding a weapon causes you to be slower or drains stamina more quickly. And, they are right. You can sprint faster if you sheathe your weapons and items.

The character will be slowed by a certain percentage when some items, such as the tower shield, are equipped. This is also true for some armors.

We won’t go into detail about armor slowing down the player because they can’t be sheathed or attached to the back. A character wearing a sword or axe, for example, will have a slight movement penalty while running around.

And, by removing weapons, the player will be able to move more quickly. This will save stamina and allow them to move farther.

Heavy items are considered to be those that are large or bulky. They slow you down when equipped. Wooden tower shields have a movement speed penalty, as mentioned above.

With this item equipped, you will find it difficult to move quickly. The wooden tower shield, on the other hand, allows you to move at full speed when it is placed on your back.

The shield is technically still on your person, but pressing r to place it on your back negates the weight penalty associated with this item.

Putting Shield & Weapons in the Back

Additionally, the player can carry two different items on their back. It is generally possible to equip two items at once if they can both be equipped together.

The player can place both a sword and a shield together on their back when they are equipped and ready to fight, for example.

Using the R key is the same way. A weapon and a torch can also be attached to the back in the same manner.

Sadly, you cannot put a shield on your back and equip a weapon at the same time. As soon as you equip another item from your inventory while you have an item on your back, the item will simply disappear back into your inventory.

Can the Shield Block an Attack?

You will gain no defensive advantage from wearing a shield. The player will still take full damage from attacks that come from behind the character.

And, even when the shield is held in hand and the player is not in block mode, the shield will still not block anything.

The player’s back will not block arrows or any ranged attacks when wearing a shield on his back, whether it’s a tower shield or a round shield.

Final Words

So, we hope that you now have clarity about How to Put Shields and Weapons on the Back.

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